BSNL DND. DND help you to stop unwanted commercial phone calls and SMS on your BSNL Mobile. Activate DND (Do Not Disturb) on your BSNL now.
DND is now known as NCPR and it is initiative of TRAI.

  1. How DND Works on BSNL Mobile?

    By default all the mobile numbers in India are unsubscribed to NCPR; means any Telemarketer / Organization can call you to promote their products / services or send SMS.
    If you want to stop these unwanted commercial communication, subscribe to NCPR / activate DND.

  2. How to activate DND on BSNL mobile?

    DND activate / subscribing to NCPR is just one step away and free of charge. Choose any option from below to activate DND on your BSNL mobile:

    • SMS: START 0 to 1909
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance
  3. DND Options for BSNL Mobile

    Fully Blocked
    All commercial communications will be blocked.

    Partially Blocked
    Partial blocked option will block all commercial voice calls. However, you can choose to receive messages from your interested categories (called Preferences).
    Below are the seven preferences you can choose to receive commercial SMS:

    1. Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards,
    2. Real Estate,
    3. Education,
    4. Health,
    5. Consumer goods and automobiles,
    6. Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT,
    7. Tourism and Leisure.

    To subscribe for partial block, follow the below:

    Single Preference

    • SMS: START X to 1909. Replace X with preference number.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance

    Multiple Preference

    • SMS: START X, X to 1909. Replace X with preference number.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance
  4. Change current DND / NCPR preference

    Stop current preference/s

    • SMS: STOP X to 1909. Replace X with preference number.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance

    Add more preference/s

    • SMS: STOP X, X to 1909. Replace X with preference number.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance
  5. Deactivated DND from BSNL Mobile

    Deactivation of DND / unsubscribing to NCPR will allow Telemarketers / Organizations sending commercial communication again.

    • SMS: STOP 0 to 1909.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance
  6. DND FAQ’s (Read full DND FAQ’s)

    • DND (now NCPR), will never block any of your solicited communication like Bank alerts SMS, Bank communications, Ticket / online booking confirmations, etc.
    • Each DND (now NCPR) request takes 7 days for the process and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you in 24 hours.
    • There should be minimum 7 days gap between previous DND request and registration for a new request.
    • 1909 is a Toll-free number, no charges applicable.
    • Read DND compliant procedure
  7. Check BSNL DND Status

  8. Check BSNL prepaid balance

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  1. Sheba on 2nd Nov' 14Reply

    I want to block some numbers which are coming to my landline so plz let me know the process for this..

    • TelecomDiary on 9th Nov' 14Reply

      Hello Sheba,

      To block individual numbers in Landline, either get your local police help or use a Smart Land-line phone which supports this feature.

      • Raja on 21st Nov' 14Reply

        are you serious? I must go to the police to register DND? What nonsense! What police will entertain this? BSNL is to receive these request and not the police! And why must I buy a Smart Landline to register my landline with BSNL?

        • TelecomDiary on 21st Nov' 14Reply

          Hello Raja,

          If you want to block specific numbers only, either you should take local police help or use a Smart land-line phone which support number blacklisting.
          Or, if you want to block all commercial phone calls & SMS, activate DND.

  2. Mayank lakra on 8th Jul' 14Reply

    how to unsubscribe bv-onmobl service such as celeb diaries subscribermy mobile no. is 9531920981

    • TelecomDiary on 9th Jul' 14Reply

      Hello Mayank,

      DND activation will stop all unwanted commercial communication to your mobile number. Send SMS START 0 to 1909 from your BSNL mobile number.
      However, you cannot block a specific Sender or Organization from sending your marketing SMS.

  3. Sudhir Khanger on 19th Jan' 14Reply

    Will the individual DND requests like START 4,5 or STOP 4,5, etc also have to be performed 3 months apart? Can you process only one DND request as mentioned above once in 3 months?

    • TelecomDiary on 28th Feb' 14Reply

      Hello Sudhir,

      You can give new DND request for every 7 days.

  4. Ronalisa on 26th Nov' 13Reply

    i wnt to knw after activating dnd in my mobile whether i wl b able to receive any job cals or not

    • TelecomDiary on 1st Dec' 13Reply

      Hello Ronalisa,

      You have to choose option 6 to receive communication (mail & SMS) from online, like job portals.

  5. Akshay on 20th Nov' 13Reply

    I have done the above procedure but messages still come on my mobile…
    Please activate DND service on my number manually :8765457414

    • TelecomDiary on 1st Dec' 13Reply

      Hello Akshay,

      Any DND request will take 7 days for processing.

  6. yadch on 30th Oct' 13Reply

    My mobile number is 9440419744
    I want to receive all messages
    please deactivate DND to receive all messages

    • TelecomDiary on 2nd Nov' 13Reply

      Hello yadch,

      To deactivate DND, you have to send SMS STOP to 1909 from your mobile number call 1909.

  7. mani edison on 26th Oct' 13Reply

    please activate DND for myMobile No. 9444625558.

    • TelecomDiary on 31st Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Mani,

      You have to send SMS START 0 to 1909 for DND activation or call 1909.

  8. artsang on 23rd Oct' 13Reply

    Please deactivate DND for my Mb No 9436112468

    • TelecomDiary on 28th Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Artsang,

      Send SMS STOP to 1909 from your mobile number or call 1909 to deactivate DND.

  9. devendra kumar dewangan on 11th Oct' 13Reply

    please activate DND for myMobile No. 9407751589.

    • TelecomDiary on 18th Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Devendra,

      Send SMS STOP to 1909 from your mobile number to deactivate DND or call 1909.

  10. madan on 20th Sep' 13Reply

    When I am activating DND service by pressing start0 and sending to 1909,I am getting a reply that this service is already active. But Still I am receiving unwanted SMS from companies. What is to be done. My mobile no. is 9418337718

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Sep' 13Reply

      Hello Madan,

      You number is DND activated.
      Send SMS START 0 to 1909 or call 1909 to activate.

  11. suresh Babu on 15th Sep' 13Reply

    Who is Dr. Health? He deducts Rs 10 for every 10 days without our consent. I do not know how BSNL accepts such service providers. Do anybody has similar experience

  12. Dinesh Vijay Bhat. on 15th Sep' 13Reply

    please activate DND for my land line No. 02024212613.

    • TelecomDiary on 18th Sep' 13Reply

      Hello Dinesh,

      Call 1909 from your land line and follow instructions to activate DND.

  13. Ranvir Singh on 13th Sep' 13Reply

    I activated DND a year back on my landline in maharashtra circle.. but during these past 2 months i have started receiving telemarketing calls and I tell them that why cant they see DND in front of my number.. Now I am trying to call 1909 since I dont know when, but it is always engaged.. please help me activate DND.. telemarketers call anytime and just disturb for nothing!!!

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Sep' 13Reply

      Hello Ranvir,

      For landlines, calling 1909 is the only process to activate DND.
      You can get the customer care assistance as well.

  14. Nitin on 12th Sep' 13Reply

    I had raised a complaint and as a result the phone connection of the caller disconnected. Now the caller called me and assured me to delete my number from all their records but also asking me for reversal of my complaint. Is it possible for me to take back my complaint? If yes what is the procedure?

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Sep' 13Reply

      Hello Nitin,

      Get the due help from your customer care.

  15. kaustubh on 6th Aug' 13Reply

    how to do on bsnl landline nos.

    • kaustubh on 6th Aug' 13Reply

      i m in maharashtra circle..

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      Hello Kaustubh,

      Call 1909 from your land-line.

  16. y. suresh kumar on 27th Jul' 13Reply

    Hello Sir i want 2 deactivate DND service in mob No.9437406900.
    kindly deactivate it please……(THANK U )

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      Hello Suresh,

      Send SMS STOP to 1909 from your mobile number to deactivate DND or call 1909.

  17. Shaneef K P on 9th Jul' 13Reply

    I wanted to deactivate my dnd which already activated in my bsnl. I am in international roaming. I am getting som smss but not all. How can i call 1909 or send sms while international roaming?

    • TelecomDiary on 13th Jul' 13Reply

      Hello Shaneef,

      Either write a mail to your customer care or call them to get immediate help on this.

  18. Lucky on 6th Jul' 13Reply

    I am using 9433762073 since 7 years and 9433125933 since 9 years . For the last 1 year , Fusion lounge are causing a lot of loss to me. Whenever I recharged my account with Rs. 50 and more , these fellows are thefting my balance as I am a subscriber to their services which in fact I am not. These fellows doesn’t sends anything and I have been charged Rs. 8 every day . I complained in Exchange. But no use. Is there any better idea… sir?

    • TelecomDiary on 13th Jul' 13Reply

      Hello Lucky,

      Talk to Mr. Bijay Karmakar – BSNL at 033-22251200 for further help.

  19. Shreya on 26th Mar' 13Reply

    That’s totally a lie.
    I have complaint like a million times now, neither i got the message nor it got activated.
    Tired of these commercial messages.
    My whole inbox consists of these SMSs.

  20. Vikram on 25th Mar' 13Reply

    I’m using 9440407249 since 6 years. For the last one and half a year one with BT – TRIOTK and 540000010 are causing a lot of loss to me. When ever I recharged my account with 50/- and +, these fellows are thefting my balance as I am a subscriber to their services which infact I am not. This BT B*****D sending me some vulgar jokes which means nothing. And another surprising thing I found is that “You are charged Rs.5 for calling 9440407249″ message appears all of a sudden on my mobile. After pressing any key it disappears. I complained in Exchange. But no use. Is there any better idea… sir?

    • Telecom Diary on 29th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Vikram,

      You can get due assistance from Mr. N Murali – BSNL at 040-27720707.

  21. Avinash G. Purat on 18th Mar' 13Reply

    Why NCPR (DND) is not available for land line numbers? I want to register my land line no. 02512871304 for DND.

    • Telecom Diary on 18th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Avinash,

      Call 1909 from your land-line for DND (NCPR) services.

  22. Shakil Ahamad on 10th Mar' 13Reply

    mobile no :- 9436717524
    i sent the sms ” START 0 ” on 1909 but didn’t get the confirmation …what to do ????

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Shakil,

      Alternatively, you can dial 1909 and activate DND.

  23. Doma on 7th Mar' 13Reply

    Hi, on 3rd of this month, i had send START 0 to 1909 to activate DND on my mobile, but till now i am still getting lots of unwanted sms’s. my mobile no. is 9401423808. anything else i need to do

    • Telecom Diary on 8th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Doma,

      You mobile number 9401423808 is not registered with NCPR (old DND). Call 1909 ans activate DND.

  24. Karthik on 6th Mar' 13Reply

    Hi, I wish to know what is the procedure if u want to block a personal number, say, a person whos harassing you constantly via SMS or telephonic calls??? is there any way to add that number to the blocked list just by sending SMS or a request in the toll free, without going through the police station and registering a complaint ?? Kindly reply… very urgent help needed

    • Telecom Diary on 6th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Karthik,

      With all the new smart-phone’s you will be able to block specific mobile numbers.
      Try searching your AppStore / Google Play / BB World for call blocking apps.

      • Karthik on 8th Mar' 13Reply

        I have an iphone… the apps that block numbers or mark them as spam(eg. True Caller) do NOT block them completely…. As in when the person calls me he shud either get the “number does not exist” or sum other tone. But instead the phone rings with a notification on the top saying that this number is blocked, but do you wanna answer it anywayz?? … dats not wat i want… i dont want the phone to alert me at all or even let the caller listen to the ring tone…. Plz tell me a way to do this or if not, then a suitable FREE app for the iphone (non-jailbroken device)..

        Thank you.

        • Telecom Diary on 15th Mar' 13Reply

          Hello Karthik,

          There are many apps for this purpose.
          You can try “Backlist for iPhone” app.

  25. sunil on 22nd Feb' 13Reply

    I want to start DND service on my landline in Punjab circle. I am unable to connect to 1909 and thus unable to activate the service. Pl help

    • Telecom Diary on 17th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Sunil,

      If you are unable to connect 1909 to activate on your BSNL DND, get due assistance for customer care.
      Alternatively, register use the BSNL Online form for activating DND.

  26. mamta on 13th Feb' 13Reply

    I am trying to register DND on our BSNL landline by calling 1909 but i am not getting connected at all, it starts with prerecorded message and says to connect to the executive but after few ringing it gets disconnected.

    • PRANAY on 26th Mar' 13Reply

      same wit me. I’m using BSNL landline (in Bihar). is there any solution?

  27. user on 29th Jan' 13Reply

    when i dial 1909 it says press * to continue to speak to customer care executive and in few seconds its busy/disconnect tome every time. What to do now ?

    Actually it should be by default all should be deactivated and only persons wanting marketing calls should dial and get it enabled

  28. Rakesh on 29th Dec' 12Reply

    BSNL service is worst…these people dont have any discipline. Whether it matter of service or matter of customer care, they really terrorize people . I have 4-5 connections of BSNL, and now we are thinking to stop using it. I have to search site to contact bsnl customer care! why the hell they give 1503 service? to listen to schemes of bsnl service?

  29. babu keerty on 10th Dec' 12Reply

    I have registered my Mobile No: 9491113721 under NCPR (do not Disturb) vide your Docket Tracker : K 26 AP 301648 dt. 26.11.2012 at 04.08 pm.

    Even though I am receiving the messages from BT-TRIOTK(02.12.2012 at 09:09:10, Ph.No:59595007(29.11.2012 at 11:37:47 deducted Rs.7/-,) What type of action you have taken so

    far? Please look into this matter and see to not received any unwanted messages to my mobile.

    • Telecom Diary on 12th Dec' 12Reply

      Hello Babu,

      Mr. Murali from BSNL can be helpful for you, call him at 040-27720707.

      Like us @ Facebook

  30. Varun Rai on 2nd Dec' 12Reply

    What is the correct pattern START0 OR “START0″ OR “START 0″??????? reply pls

    • Telecom Diary on 4th Dec' 12Reply

      Hello Varun,

      Its START 0.
      Even you can try calling 1909 from your mobile number to access DND (now NCPR) services.

  31. Mahesh on 23rd Nov' 12Reply

    How to register BSNL landline in the registry? The Customer Care Executive doesn’t lift the phone!

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Nov' 12Reply

      Hello Mahesh,

      Call 1909 from your landline phone.

  32. ANISH KUMAR NIRALA on 12th Nov' 12Reply


  33. pallavi on 30th Oct' 12Reply

    I am trying to send sms to mobile phone from rediffmail each time I send a SMS its saying that particular phone is on National do not disturb list how can I get rid of that option from that phone so that I can sms from rediffmail

    • Telecom Diary on 31st Oct' 12Reply

      Hello Pallavi,

      If the other persons mobile number is subscribed to NCPR (old DND), you will not able able to send SMS from any online portal.

  34. jayaprakash on 28th Oct' 12Reply

    I(JAYAPRAKASH) tried a lot to send SMS to 1909.I want to De- activate DND. My phone No is 9442896457 in BSNL, Please De-activate my DND in above number.

    • Telecom Diary on 29th Oct' 12Reply

      Hello Jayaprakash,

      You can deactivate DND by calling 1909 from your mobile number.

  35. prashant maurice on 9th Oct' 12Reply

    i am getting unwanted messages from BT-655447 and its series….what to do

  36. bhavik on 5th Oct' 12Reply

    It will take 45 days

  37. Satya Ranjan Shit on 1st Jul' 12Reply

    My mobile no. is 94026806488. Pl. stop unautorised charges from BV-ONMOBL (12555).
    START 0 is not activated even after sending message to 1909

    • Telecom Diary on 1st Jul' 12Reply

      Hello Satya Ranjan,

      Provide your 10 digit mobile number.

  38. Rahul on 17th Jun' 12Reply

    How t activate dnd on bsnl landline or register it in ncpr?

    • Telecom Diary on 21st Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Rahul,

      Call 1909 from your BSNL landline number and choose your options, within 7 days all unwanted calls will be blocked.

  39. DILSHATH on 26th May' 12Reply

    when I am, trying for a call to gulf the receiver mobile display is not showing my number and I cant receive call from gulf . what is the problem? BSNL employees are working for private communication companies by receiving bribe. the worlds worst customer care is owned by BSNL. They always cut the call without giving a proper answer.

  40. Gaurav on 16th May' 12Reply

    phone no to Provider Customer Preference Registry 1909 does not work with BSNL landline Haryana. WHY? WHY?

  41. Pradeep Desai on 8th May' 12Reply


    I am using Reliance Wireline phone from last many years..Now they have closed all bill collection centers in my area and If I want to pay money I have to go far arround 5-6 km from my home. I told them to send some executive to collect cash but they are not responding. And they are charging me Rs. 100 penalty on my 100 Rs. bill amount of late fee.
    Please let me know what to do ?

    Please help.


  42. Mohan on 4th May' 12Reply

    I’m using BSNL prepaid and getting lot of promotional and value added service SMS from bsnl.
    I would like to stop it fully.Can anyone help me with the way to do it pls.

    • Telecom Diary on 4th May' 12Reply

      Hello Mohan,

      To block all unwanted SMS or calls from BSNL, send SMS START 0 to 1909.

  43. Keshav on 25th Apr' 12Reply

    I had registered in fully blocked DND . Is i can receive sms of my bank /trading a/c / net banking service etc which are necessary to me?

    • Telecom Diary on 28th Apr' 12Reply

      Hello Keshav,

      By subscribing to NCPR (old DND) will not block SMS from Banking / Trading or account related.

  44. T. BHUPAL on 24th Apr' 12Reply

    Non of times I am given complaints via sms and internet but there is no response.
    phone no 9347619466

  45. Chander bhan on 19th Apr' 12Reply

    i want all type sms come in my mobile hand set
    what i can?

  46. hafeezvaseem on 15th Apr' 12Reply


  47. Aanu on 15th Apr' 12Reply

    i do not want to receive SMS & calls from your Bank like Withdrawal alert, card purchase alert etc.
    i am from andhra pradesh and mobile no is :9441089769

    • Telecom Diary on 4th May' 12Reply

      Hello Aanu,

      Talk to your bank.

  48. hafeezvaseem on 15th Apr' 12Reply

    thanks now my phone is clean

  49. P.N.Rao on 6th Apr' 12Reply

    hot to deactivate BT-ONMOBL

    • Telecom Diary on 6th Apr' 12Reply

      Hello PN Rao,

      You can not block particular SMS service, you can block all unwanted SMS by sending SMS START 0 to 1909 from your BSNL mobile number.

  50. V K Sinha on 3rd Apr' 12Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I have BSNL Prepaid GSM SIM No. 9026747728. In my cell phone many SMS and unwanted Calls received. I want Stop SMS and Unwanted Calls.


    V K Sinha
    Type III/G-4,Commercial Tax Training Institute,
    4-Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar,
    Lucknow. 226010

    • Telecom Diary on 6th Apr' 12Reply

      Hello V K Sinha,

      Simply send SMS START 0 to 1909 from your BSNL mobile number and all unwanted SMS & calls will be blocked with 7 days.

  51. Dibyendu on 29th Mar' 12Reply

    do they charge any monthly fee for the activation of DNDs…. or it’s just free?

    • Telecom Diary on 29th Mar' 12Reply

      Hello Dibyendu,

      1909 is a Toll free & you will not be charged for sending SMS or calling to this number.

  52. Dibyendu on 29th Mar' 12Reply

    do I need to give space after START or sud I type START0 to 1909…. within how much time will be deactivated….plz help

    • Telecom Diary on 29th Mar' 12Reply

      Hello Dibyendu,

      Send without space in between.

  53. Arun on 12th Mar' 12Reply


    Am using BSNL Prepaid mobile, Since last september(2011) I am getting sms from 9am to 9pm only, as I had sent sms “STOP” to 1909. But I want to get specific official sms(subject starts as “BT-*”) for 24hrs.

  54. mukesh on 6th Mar' 12Reply

    ser i send message STOP 0 to 1909 but there was areply dear subscriber, you are already de-registered from the dnd why ihae maney calls and message in bogs what i do

    • Telecom Diary on 6th Mar' 12Reply

      Hello Mukesh,

      What is your mobile number?

  55. Aakash joshi on 24th Feb' 12Reply

    Hi, My Bsnl Landline Phone , How To Active “dnd” service ,, i am call the bsnl landline customer care , say”s this dnd service not coming in bsnllandline phone. this right or wrong ? give me detail. i am fro gujarat. and web-site for online active service of dnd.

  56. suresh kumar kg on 11th Feb' 12Reply

    I tried a lot to send SMS to 1909 and could not be sent due to some problem with 1909.
    I want to activate DND. My phone Non is 9457541825, Bareilly, UP. Please activate my DND in above number. I sent IVRC but they asked YES or NO message to 1909 and that also could not sent.

    • Telecom Diary on 14th Feb' 12Reply

      Hello Suresh,

      Ensure that you are sending SMS START 0 to 1909.

  57. Bhavin on 30th Jan' 12Reply

    I want to activate DND service for my landline number (Gujarat) from any mobile. Is there any way? I tried to call on 1909 from my landline phone, but not responding.
    Please reply.

    • Telecom Diary on 31st Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Bhavin,

      That is the only way to activate from landline, if you are not able to send SMS from your landline.
      As an option call your regular customer care and request to activate DND.

      • Manu on 25th Aug' 12Reply

        call 1500 it helps to deactivate service from Land Line

  58. Ashish on 29th Jan' 12Reply

    I want to register for DND except banking. What message should type to 1909

    • Telecom Diary on 29th Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Ashish,

      Send SMS START 1 to 1909 from your BSNL mobile number to exclude banking SMS / calls.
      But, understand that if you want to receive SMS & calls from your Bank like Withdrawal alert, card purchase alert etc., you don’t need to exclude Banking since they are solicited communication.
      By excluding banking from DND, you will get calls & SMS from tele-callers and promotional sms from marketing people.
      If you want to block all unwanted calls & SMS send SMS START 0 to 1909, still you will receive all SMS & calls from your bank not from tele marketing people.
      For further help, visit DND Preference Forum.

  59. prince 9417628249 on 28th Jan' 12Reply

    i want deactivate dnd service plz tell me about it and take action

    • Telecom Diary on 28th Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Prince,

      Send SMS STOP to 1909 to deactivate DND.

  60. surender on 28th Jan' 12Reply

    How to stop sms from BT-OVRSEA?

    • Telecom Diary on 28th Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Surender,

      If you want to block all unwanted SMS / calls on your BSNL mobile number, activate NCPR (old DND) by sending SMS START 0 to 1909 from your BSNL mobile.

      • surender on 28th Jan' 12Reply

        pl. explain how it works..?

  61. nikhil gopi on 25th Jan' 12Reply

    i’m from ernakulam kerala. i want to de register my landline from comercial calls how to????

    • Telecom Diary on 25th Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Nikhil Gopi,

      Dail toll free number 1909 from your land-line and follow the instructions to activate NCPR (old DND).

      • Bireshwar on 29th Dec' 12Reply

        try 1500 it works

        • Telecom Diary on 3rd Jan' 13Reply

          Hello Bireshwar,

          Thanks for the information.

  62. Deven on 19th Jan' 12Reply

    How to apply for do not disturb serices for BSNL landline. I tried calling 1909 but i get the response..” Please check the number you have dialled”..this request is for landline number

    • Telecom Diary on 20th Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Deven,

      From which state your are?

  63. abhay on 16th Jan' 12Reply

    my BSNL prepaid number is 8765488108 with DND active. today i have charged Rs30/-per month from handygo videobar service (55678), Whenever I want to send unsubscription message, like(UNSUBVIDEOBAR) to 55678 reply comes of temporary problem . I am not using this sevices .kindly Please unsubscribe the service immediately

    • Telecom Diary on 16th Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Abhay,

      We are not able to help you in this regard.
      Kindly contact your customer care, sure you will get some help.

  64. prince on 15th Jan' 12Reply

    plz start dnd on my mobile no 9417628249

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Prince,

      Send SMS START 0 to 1909 from your BSNL mobile number to activate DND.

  65. MANOJ on 29th Dec' 11Reply

    I am Manoj. Trying to activate NCPR Option no.1 (Banking – Insurance – Financial Products – Credit Cards) to get SMS from banks and credit cards, but till today I have not any confirmation form your end.

    • Telecom Diary on 29th Dec' 11Reply

      Hello Manoj,

      What is your mobile number? Have you sent SMS or called 1909 for activation of NCPR?

      • Telecom Diary on 29th Dec' 11Reply

        But understand this, activating complete NCPR with option 0 ( old DND ) will not stop from banks and credits cards sending you SMS like alerts, transaction details if you are their customer.
        NCPR option 1 allows telemarketing and sales people to call or SMS you about bank products, credit cards and insurance products to sell you, even if you are not their customer.
        Now you choose between.

      • MANOJ on 30th Dec' 11Reply

        Thanks for your quick response. My mobile no. is 9424925515. I have already sent sms to 1909 and called them too. I want to get activated NCPR-1.

        • Telecom Diary on 30th Dec' 11Reply

          Hello Manoj,

          NCPR with 0 preference is already activated on your mobile number since 30th June’2009 and NCPR preference has been changed to 1 on 13th Oct’2011.
          NCPR-1 is already active on your mobile number.

          • MANOJ on 31st Dec' 11

            Thank you very much for the information.

  66. P.Shiva Prasad on 20th Dec' 11Reply

    The service Do Not Disturb/Do Not call, once activated on the request of the customer should not be deactivated by the BSNL after certain period against the will of the customer. It should continue untill the customer request for deactivation.

    • Telecom Diary on 20th Dec' 11Reply

      Hello Shiva,

      AS far as we have the information, once NCPR (old DND)is activated on any number the telecom operator (BSNL or any) will not deactivated DND unless customer gives the request.

      • sreeja on 28th Apr' 13Reply

        i have also the same experience. 2 years back i sent request and activated dnd service. but now im receiving unwanted messages and get charged also. when i complained the cust. care they asked my activation code. unfortunately i lost the code. this is not hopeful.

  67. Gabrasi on 26th Nov' 11Reply


  68. Sharad Chaudhari on 20th Nov' 11Reply

    STOP 0 to 1909*
    Mobile No. 9423905777

    • TelecomDiary Network on 20th Nov' 11Reply

      Hello Sharad,

      We hope you have sent the same message to 1909 from your BSNL mobile number for DND Activation.

      • Silambarasan on 4th Feb' 12Reply

        I sent STOP * to 1909
        bcz I’m not receving online registration code to my mobile. is it enough

        • Telecom Diary on 5th Feb' 12Reply

          Hello Silambarasan,

          That is incorrect.
          Send SMS STOP to 1909.

  69. vivek on 8th Nov' 11Reply

    Sir ,This vivek & I am using BSNL prepaid no & I have deregistor my no before 20days but steel my status is (start 0).Aanybody help me for this.

    • TelecomDiary Network on 8th Nov' 11Reply

      Hello Vivek,

      It is better, contact BSNL customer care center and get help regards this issue. Sure they will help you.

      • Snehal on 6th Nov' 13Reply

        BSNL is the stupidest service provider.. . .their Customer care service is hopeless. ..anytime you call them for any issue they will tell to contact the local telephone Exchange/BSNL office. Their CSC is just a formality.

  70. Rutunj Acharya on 11th Oct' 11Reply

    To register DND the message is “START0″ to “1909″

  71. Rohit Mandal on 8th Oct' 11Reply

    To register DND the message is “START0″ to “1909″

  72. jai on 30th Sep' 11Reply

    To register DND the message is “START0″ to “1909

  73. Prateek on 27th Sep' 11Reply

    how much time it takes to get deactivated

    • TelecomDiary Network on 27th Sep' 11Reply

      Hi Prateek,

      It takes 7 days.

      • ashish on 6th Jun' 12Reply

        No it takes 45 days to activate on your mobile

        • Telecom Diary on 9th Jun' 12Reply

          Hello Ashish,

          Any NCPR request will be processed within 7 working days.

  74. rajesh sharma on 26th Sep' 11Reply

    To register DND the message is “START0″ to “1909″

  75. rajesh sharma on 26th Sep' 11Reply

    To register DND the message is “START0″ to “1909″
    mobile no 9460715999

  76. ganesh on 6th Sep' 11Reply

    To register DND the message is “START0″ to “1909”

    • Nectorer on 22nd Jul' 12Reply

      Correct string is “START 0″

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