You can deactivate DND services (now NCPR) on your mobile number by either voice call or SMS to 1909. Once you de-register yourself from the NCPR (old DND), you will start receiving commercial / promotional and telemarketing call on your mobile / land-line.

DND de-registration through SMS to 1909.

De-registration of DND services is easy and convenient through SMS. Send SMS STOP to 1909 from your mobile number.

You will get an SMS from your mobile operator confirming the DND (now NCPR) de-registration request.

Deactivate DND through voice call to 1909.

Dial 1909 from your mobile number and choose from either to speak with customer care executive or IVR (Interactive Voice Response system).

If you choose to speak with Customer care executive, ask the executive to de-register DND services (now NCPR). The executive will confirm you the cancel request and you will get an SMS confirming your request.

If you choose IVR, follow the instructions to de-register your mobile number from NCPR (old DND) and you will get an SMS confirmation confirming the request

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  1. manjunath on 9th Feb' 15 Reply #5863

    I had small tutorial, when I sent group sms, its asking dnd failed. how to activate those dnd numbers

    • TelecomDiary on 12th Feb' 15 Reply #5876

      Hello Manjunath,

      Your group members has to deactivate DND on their mobile numbers.

  2. manjunatha on 9th Feb' 15 Reply #5862

    send me the common code to deactivate dnd for all networks

  3. Bharath on 4th Dec' 14 Reply #5670

    Hi sir i work in Ashokleyland we are using intercom when we call a land line phone voice message “please do not disturb” to that one number but when using mobile to dial same land phone is working fine.

    • TelecomDiary on 6th Dec' 14 Reply #5690

      Hello Bharat,

      We cannot help you in this matter.
      Suggest to get some assistance from Telecom Forums.

  4. Chitransh Sharma on 9th Nov' 14 Reply #5515

    Hello Folks…. I am using dnd service from few years and never had a problem… But since i joined my college i m not able to receive any updates regarding college activities.. when i complained in office.they told me to deactivate your dnd service in order to receive any updates… My question is that.. Is there any way to receive only college updates and not company offers….

    • TelecomDiary on 9th Nov' 14 Reply #5517

      Hello Chitransh,

      1) If your College is using online SMS services than a dedicated SMS gateway from an operator, you will not receive any SMS if DND is active.
      2) You cannot block all commercial offers and receive only your College updates.

      • Chitransh Sharma on 11th Nov' 14 Reply #5533

        It sounds like i have to loose my dnd privilages…anyway thanks for your reply….

  5. Mangesh Umap on 8th Nov' 14 Reply #5514

    Please dnd service deactivate 9960945348 (airtel)

    • TelecomDiary on 9th Nov' 14 Reply #5518

      Hello Mangesh,

      Send SMS STOP to 1909 from your mobile to deactivate DND.

  6. Dr S Radhakrishnan on 2nd Nov' 14 Reply #5505

    Sir, My number is 9850962922 and I have ported out from Idea to BSNL. Since last 18months i am suffering from unwanted calls. I tried to send sms to 1909 with “START” option manytimes, it is not activated to block the telemarketing calls. I inquired BSNL, they are saying problems are there with portability numbers and customer care is totally useless and irresponsible. Not yet rectified. pls do something or give suggestion to block all telemarketing calls.

    • TelecomDiary on 9th Nov' 14 Reply #5523

      Hello Radhakrishnan,

      Reach Mr. H.Prasad – BSNL at 022-26601260 for further help.

    • saurabh gaur on 15th Dec' 14 Reply #5745

      Sir, check status on
      Phone Number : 9850962922

      The number is registered in NCPR

      Activation Date is : 04-12-2014 14:08
      Service Area : Maharashtra & Goa
      Service Provider : BSNL

      Your Preference is : 0

  7. Sayantan on 30th Oct' 14 Reply #5498

    I have now requested for activation of DND through 1909 and got one ID O21438572563.I want to enable this because after certain days some amount is deducted from my account by some sms.Please suggest if i can get help if i activate NCPR. My mob no:-8013428593.
    Please reply asap.

    • TelecomDiary on 9th Nov' 14 Reply #5528

      Hello Sayantan,

      DND has been activated on your mobile since 06-11-2014.

  8. Gyan on 29th Oct' 14 Reply #5495

    please help me to deactivate DND from my aircel no….when i sent sms STOP to 1909,i got a msg…dear customer,you have registered on 26.8.14,via reg no.s122…… can deregister from NCPR after 24.11.14…

  9. Amin on 14th Oct' 14 Reply #5462

    polease remove my number from DND 8801635390

    • TelecomDiary on 24th Oct' 14 Reply #5481

      Hello Amin,

      Send SMS STOP to 1909 from your mobile number to unsubscribe from DND.

  10. gagan on 12th Oct' 14 Reply #5457

    i am using tata docomo no. and i don’t recieve any offers(sms/call) from the company. i checked my dnd status and it was registered, now how to deactivate it?

    • TelecomDiary on 13th Oct' 14 Reply #5458

      Hello Gagan,

      SMS: STOP to 1909.
      Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance

  11. Dinesh B. Shinde on 28th May' 14 Reply #5293

    deactive my DND From 8983298768

    • TelecomDiary on 29th May' 14 Reply #5294

      Hello Dinesh,

      Send SMS STOP to 1909 from your mobile.

  12. nidhi on 27th May' 14 Reply #5292

    when i see my status on that it come not in dnd but i canot get message from net my no is 9460880947 please help me

  13. Shanta Dadel on 22nd May' 14 Reply #5286

    wen i sent message STOP to 1909 … i recieved a message from there .. hay there ! we r unable to process the request for ur airtel mobile. pls text the correct keyword or call 1909 for help … n wen just i called on this 1909 number …. got its not a valied number … now wat sud i do for stop my dnd service?

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