Tata DoCoMo DND. DND help you to stop unwanted commercial phone calls and SMS on your Tata DoCoMo Mobile. Activate DND (Do Not Disturb) on your Tata DoCoMo mobile now.
DND is now known as NCPR and it is initiative of TRAI.

  1. How DND Works on Tata DoCoMo Mobile?

    By default all the mobile numbers in India are unsubscribed to NCPR; means any Telemarketer / Organization can call you to promote their products / services or send SMS.
    If you want to stop these unwanted commercial communication, subscribe to NCPR / activate DND.

  2. How to activate DND on Tata DoCoMo Mobile?

    DND activate / subscribing to NCPR is just one step away and free of charge. Choose any option from below to activate DND on your Tata DoCoMo mobile:

    • SMS: START 0 to 1909
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance
  3. DND Options for Tata DoCoMo Mobile

    Fully Blocked
    All commercial communications will be blocked.

    Partially Blocked
    Partial blocked option will block all commercial voice calls. However, you can choose to receive messages from your interested categories (called Preferences).
    Below are the seven preferences you can choose to receive commercial SMS:

    1. Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards,
    2. Real Estate,
    3. Education,
    4. Health,
    5. Consumer goods and automobiles,
    6. Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT,
    7. Tourism and Leisure.

    To subscribe for partial block, follow the below:

    Single Preference

    • SMS: START X to 1909. Replace X with preference number.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance

    Multiple Preference

    • SMS: START X,X to 1909. Replace X with preference number.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance
  4. Change current DND / NCPR preference

    Stop current preference/s

    • SMS: STOP X to 1909. Replace X with preference number.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance

    Add more preference/s

    • SMS: STOP X,X to 1909. Replace X with preference number.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance
  5. Deactivated DND from Tata Indicom Mobile

    Deactivation of DND / unsubscribing to NCPR will allow Telemarketers / Organizations sending commercial communication again.

    • SMS: STOP to 1909.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance
  6. DND FAQ’s (Read full DND FAQ’s)

    • DND (now NCPR), will never block any of your solicited communication like Bank alerts SMS, Bank communications, Ticket / online booking confirmations, etc.
    • Each DND (now NCPR) request takes 7 days for the process and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you in 24 hours.
    • There should be minimum 7 days gap between previous DND request and registration for a new request.
    • 1909 is a Toll-free number, no charges applicable.
    • Read DND compliant procedure
  7. Check DND Status

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  1. Pankaj on 2nd Jan' 15Reply

    I am getting Irritating Flash Messages..Please Stop it..

  2. vinayakmech83 on 16th Dec' 13Reply

    Hello everyone irritated by DND not working for them. Please try to change your operator by number portability option.This way the so called idiot operators will immediately call u and persuade u not to change the operator. So then u can keep your terms in front of them, that if now u recieve any unwanted calls even aftr registering in DND, u will change all ur current operators to some other operator.

  3. ANIL AWATI on 4th Aug' 13Reply

    We have activated for DND. Even though we are getting telemarketing call . After calling to customer care(121) they ate telling that my self is already registered with DND. Then why getting unnecessary call starting from 140 .
    Please stop unwanted call. My Mob. no is 8793652304

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      Hello Anil,

      As of today your mobile number 8793652304 is not DND activated.
      Send SMS START 0 to 1909 or call 1909 from your mobile number to activate DND.

      • ANIL AWATI on 24th Aug' 13Reply

        I tried tO Make DND as per your Email by sending START 0 TO 1909. but SMS received
        Dear Customer, We regrate to inform you that your request cannot be processed . Pls. call 121 for 121 for further information.
        Msg recvd from 1090.


  4. khaja moinuddin on 7th Jun' 13Reply

    hello dear sir plz stop flash massage
    my num is 9550855303

  5. Souvik mitra on 25th May' 13Reply

    dearsir/mam my sim was missing some other people was misuse my number sir.so kindly block to this number sir my number is 8274921377

    • TelecomDiary on 6th Jun' 13Reply

      Hello Souvik,

      Talk to your customer care, only they will be able to block your SIM cared.

  6. amit wagh on 20th May' 13Reply

    i getting promotion calls every day from tata docomo,
    i want to deactivate it, so please help me.

    • TelecomDiary on 6th Jun' 13Reply

      Hello Amit,

      To block promotional calls, activate DND by sending SMS START 0 to 1909 from your mobile number.

  7. sumanth on 1st Apr' 13Reply

    TATA DOCOMO….This is not fair at all.
    To Activate DND I called 1909 on 31/03/2013 at 11:37 AM.It is mentioned in this site, we will get message regarding this within 24 hrs. But I didn’t get any message regarding DND except useless marketing SMS after 24 hrs from that. I thought it was not processed properly.So, I called again 1909,now it is saying “On 31/03/2013 you activated DND and now you again requested for Marketing services,if you want to activate DND again you have to wait till 90 days”.

    What is the Logic behind it….can any Brainy guy please explain to me?
    1)To activate DND it will take 7 days.
    2)To deactivate DND, it will finish with in no time.
    and again to activate DND it’ll take 90 days.

    Please Stop irritating customers. I beg you guys.
    My number is 8123700446

  8. Rajeev on 23rd Jan' 13Reply

    I sent the sms “START 6″ to 1909 and the reply came as YES or No. When I replied YES it said sorry we coouldn/t process your request as we did not receive your request within 24 hours. But I replied well within 24 hours…..

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