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  1. Auditya on 24th Mar' 15Reply

    I ported from BSNL tamilnadu to IDEA tamilnadu postpaid. I am not able to receive calls from any airtel number. please help

  2. rafi khan on 31st Jan' 15Reply

    I have given MNP request to RELIACE so many times during last three days but they r not providing me the UPC My Mobile No: 9018235400(J&K)

    • TelecomDiary on 1st Feb' 15Reply

      Hello Rafi,

      Call 1900 to get the UPC, since you are from Jammu & Kashmir (J&K).

  3. Pradhish on 23rd Oct' 14Reply

    Hello sir. My number is 9940150530 currently in Vodafone. I had requested mnp to airtel.receiced following

    Hello! We have received your Porting Request VT368498 dated 21Oct14. We will validate your request and will revert on confirmation by 96hrs TAT from the time we received the request from MCH.

    Today checked online. Says rejected. What can i do. Anyone to contact. I m in Chennai circle . how to find what reason.

    This is prepaid.

    • TelecomDiary on 24th Oct' 14Reply

      Hello Pradhish,

      Read MNP Checklist & MNP FAQ’s.
      Contact Vodafone customer care team to get more details on why your MNP request is rejected.

  4. s sowrirajan on 21st Sep' 14Reply

    I have given MNP request from MTS to RELIACE on 08/09/14 Porting is not yet effected My Mobile No: 9445817631


    • TelecomDiary on 27th Sep' 14Reply

      Hello Sowrirajan,

      Have you contacted Reliance customer care? What is the current status?
      Meanwhile read the MNP Procedure and MNP FAQ’s as well.

  5. SANKAR GANGULY on 12th Sep' 14Reply

    i am a idea prepaid customer and want to join aircel prepaid.number-7890527005. UPC-IK141149.
    i already request for mnp on 28/8/14, aircel did not respond so i again submitted the form.on 8/9/14 i receive a sms from aircel that they accept my portin request and request is under process.
    but my upc code is going to expire(12/9/14) in the middle of the portin process.
    so i want to know what is going to be happened with porting process as my upc code get expire in the middle of process?
    please mail me at- [email protected]

    • TelecomDiary on 19th Sep' 14Reply

      Hello Sankar,

      Is your porting to Aircel done? What is current status?

  6. Aditya on 18th Jun' 14Reply

    I recently ported from BSNL to Idea in AP circle. I am facing a weird issue of not getting incoming calls from Uninor subscribers since porting. Called customer care a number of times. Issue not resolved. All Idea ported in customers facing the same issue. Checked from a friend of mine. Please give me some info how to overcome this issue.

    • TelecomDiary on 21st Jun' 14Reply

      Hello Aditya,

      Ms. Padmavathi PV – Idea Cellular can help you.
      Reach her at 9948002229.

  7. Navin on 6th Mar' 14Reply

    Sir My Vodafone no-9719757756
    sir mere drawara PORT 9719757756 To send 1900 SMS bheja gata hai. Magar mujhe Abhi tk MNP No. Prapt Nahi Hua hai.
    Vodafone Head Office se 2 bar Call Bhi Ayi Hai pr abhi bhi Sthiti vhi hai.
    Mera MNP No. Mere N0. pr bhejane ka ksht kare.

    • TelecomDiary on 7th Mar' 14Reply

      Hello Navin,

      Aap Vodafone officer Shrimati. Kanika Dubey ji se bat kariye. Mobile: 9719293245

  8. amit kala on 21st Feb' 14Reply


    • Karthik on 24th May' 14Reply

      sorry, You need to inbox your Current Place & Your Sim Belongs to.. So that you will be replied easily

  9. Prem Kumar on 28th Aug' 13Reply

    Hello Sir, I am in Bangalore and currently on BSNL. I want to port out from BSNL to Airtel. My phusical address verification has been done but I received a message from 1901 saying “Namaste! Request Rejected by Donor as the Porting Code does not match the Donor Allocated Porting Code for this number.”
    I checked the UPC again in the form and it was perfect and then had a talk with Airtel ARC. According to Airtel the problem persists with BSNL. Then I went to BSNL and they gave me some telephone numbers to try contacting so that they could solve the issue. Not sure how helpful BSNL will be.

    Please let me know:
    1. Do I need to generate UPC code again and re-apply for MNP to Airtel?
    2. Is there any contact number of someone BSNL or Airtel who can help me with this issue?


  10. M. PRADEEP KUMAR on 24th Jul' 13Reply

    My Airtel No.9133555600 (anahdra pradesh) ported and submitted with all relevant documents to Tata Docomo, in turn Tata Docomo was submitted my porting details to Airtel. But Airtel is not able to release because of “mismatching port code”. This absolute wrong, because I got the port number from 1900. Airtel please see the matter and do the needful or else pl. suggest me what I have to do.

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      Hello Pradeep,

      Get due assistance from Airtel Nodal officer at 9959334865.

  11. George Mathew Philip on 29th Jun' 13Reply

    For me also has got the same problem as Mr.Unni mentioned in the above quote. My vodafone number is 9619803366. I have applied for the porting on 15th of this month and got the UPC No. as VM319889. But till the end of the day vodafone have not taken any action. Pleased suggest me how to go further steps to overcome the situation.

  12. Unni Nair on 26th Jun' 13Reply

    My vodafone number 9819546619 of vodafone has been requested for porting to Idea Cellular for two time in last month. Even today they have not been carried out any action for the porting of the same and also forced to do the request for porting at third time as it expires in 15 days. I have made my out standing payment as per their requirement on the same day itself. Till now they are not taken any action to do the porting. To whom I can Complaint further for getting proper action ASAP?

  13. Vijayalakshmi on 19th Mar' 13Reply

    Not a single person enquired whether portability is possible now from one STATE NO: to another state when residence transfer occurs.Waiting for a reply

    • Telecom Diary on 19th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Vijayalakshmi,

      As of now, inter-state MNP is not possible.
      But, you will hear the new regard this in soon.

  14. Jai Chauhan on 9th Mar' 13Reply

    I am having 3 vodaphone post paid sims with selective numbers with CUG plan.I want them to surrender since these do not seem useful me now. I requested compney several times. Everytime they send me back with different answers e.g. server is down, will be done after 15 days, and so on. Finally I decided to go for MNP and get rid of them. Is is possible ? How ? Appropriate guidance is solicited.

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Jai,

      1) You can simple follow MNP Process to port out from Vodafone. Challenge we see is, since you are in CUG & got fancy numbers even, they may object you to leave their network. But, you can still choose to port out.
      2) For cancellation, best thing is write a cancellation request mail to customer care and ask them two questions, a) Confirm that you have received the cancellation request. & b) What is the TAT (Turn Around Time) to process your cancellation request?.
      Ensure that, you have paid all the dues, before cancellation request.

  15. Pankaj Thuwal on 28th Jan' 13Reply

    my aircel number 9808393443 has been deactivated suddenly on 20th december . i want to to its port no.

  16. binu sreenivasan on 30th Nov' 12Reply

    i got a message in my 2nd number to dial 1507 after applying
    for a number porting from vodafone to bsnl.
    Hence I put my new bsnl sim and did the same.
    It says error 44 ME and the bsnl sim is not working. What should I do.

  17. ARYAN on 23rd Nov' 12Reply

    my network is voda due to some some reason i want to change to tata DOCOMO
    i try what ever you said in above web sites but even i am not able to change my network
    i got all the rply’s from tata docomo but i can abel to change my network

  18. sunny verma on 16th Oct' 12Reply

    i want to know the recharge on 9540613046 this my new number .i have port my idea number to aircel plz send me the solution,,[email protected]

  19. Jasmin on 2nd Sep' 12Reply

    i want port from Docomo. then from your think, which is the best network for msgs.??

  20. Amrita on 26th Jun' 12Reply

    How many days MNP will proces?

    • Telecom Diary on 26th Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Amita,

      If all went good, MNP will be done in 7 days.
      Read MNP checklist.

  21. Deepak bhagtani on 18th Jun' 12Reply


    • Telecom Diary on 21st Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Deepak,

      Ask for a national plan, where you will get free roaming or port to another operator who offers free roaming.

  22. nadeem anwar usmani on 14th Jun' 12Reply

    my vodafone mobile number is-9389697304,i am having some problem related to balance deduction and some recharge related problem,so i want to change it to bsnl as a porting request please help me,as i want full solution.

    • Telecom Diary on 21st Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Nadeem,

      MNP Checklist will help you successfully port from Vodafone to BSNL.

  23. 9291348108 on 16th Sep' 11Reply


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