BSNL MNP.  The process of porting BSNL mobile number to another Mobile operator is so simple & easy.
Just follow the below 4-steps simple process to port successfully:

  1. Know your Mobile Number Porting eligibility

    • Call the customer-care of the new Mobile operator you wish to port and understand their pre-requisites, documents required and terms & conditions. You can read these in their CAF (Customer Application Form) or ask their executive.
    • If you wish to port-out, fill the CAF & Porting Form. To fill these forms, you will need Unique Porting Code.
  2. Get UPC (Unique Porting Code)

    • Send SMS in below format to obtain UPC from BSNL:
      • PORT xxxxxxxxxx to 1900. Replace X’s with your 10-digit BSNL mobile number.
    • If you are from Jammu & Kashmir and a pre-paid subscriber, call 1900 to get the UPC.
    • BSNL will provide an auto generated 8 digits UPC; first two characters are alphabets & rest of six is numerical characters.
  3. Mobile Number Porting request

    • Submit the duly filled CAF & Porting Form to your new mobile operator. Below details are mandatory for MNP:
      • UPC (Unique Porting Code)
      • Documents required by your new Mobile Operator
      • Last bill paid receipt from BSNL, if you are a post-paid subscriber
    • Get new SIM card from your new Mobile operator.
    • Your new Mobile operator may charge Rs. 19/- as porting charges.
    • Note: You can cancel MNP request only within 24 hours from submitting the CAF & Porting Form. Read BSNL MNP FAQ’s.
  4. Activation of your ported Mobile number

    • If your porting request from BSNL is accepted, your new Mobile operator will confirm the same in 3-4 working days.
    • Your new Mobile operator will inform you the date & time of when the porting will happen, by SMS.
    • On 7th Working day, you will be ported to your new Mobile operator. If you are from Jammu & Kashmir, Assam & North East, it will be on 15th working day.
    • There will be about 2-4 hours service disruption during the porting process, mostly during night only.
    • Replace your current BSNL SIM card with new SIM card provided by your new Mobile operator.
  5. Check BSNL prepaid balance

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  1. Anantaram Kandukuri on 3rd Apr' 15Reply

    I have applied for my pre-paid my Mobile number(9491881881) portability from BSNL to Airtel in March 1st week and got my upc code too but transfer did not take place and 14 days got lapsed. I had repeated the same process again on 26th March and till now my BSNL line did not get disconnected. Airtel had issued a new sim card but i cannot use it untill BSNL dis-connects my service. when will it happen again it is nearing another 14th Day ( 2nd time). Looks like BSNL is purposefully delaying the number portability requests. Someone should whip up BSNL to expedite………

  2. Sahil Grover on 25th Mar' 15Reply

    Hey, I had filed an application for porting from BSNL to Vodafone at a local vendor and received a new sim from Vodafone too. But the BSNL network never got disconnected and the local vendor took back the sim and gave me my money.
    The reason he claims is: ” BSNL isn’t leaving my no, so they can’t port my phone no to Vodafone”

    Please can you guide me how to go with this ?

    My phone no is 9434363574

    Thanks in Advanace

    • TelecomDiary on 26th Mar' 15Reply

      Hello Sahil,

      Refer to MNP Checklist.

    • Bhaswati Banerjee on 26th Mar' 15Reply

      I had the same problem. But after sending sms to 1900 for 2nd or 3rd time, I was lucky to get an UPC from BSNL and was able to port my no. to Airtel. So keep on trying and good luck!

  3. syed aamir on 20th Feb' 15Reply

    I want to port out from bsnl to airtel due to its very poor services post floods hit the valley.

    I tried to send msg to 1900 but the msg could not be sent.

    • TelecomDiary on 21st Feb' 15Reply

      Hello Syed,

      You can call 1909 from your BSNL mobile number to get the UPC for mobile number porting.

  4. radhe shyam patidar on 16th Dec' 14Reply

    radheshyam patidar neemuch madhya pradesh 09425923765

    i have port my bsnl joint sim to idea in that one of my main sim got ported very easily but my joint sim is stopped by bsnl without port .
    and when i went to bsnl office neemuch and ask mr.luhariya upmandal adhikari that why my bsnl no.09425923766 stopped by bsnl without porting he did misbehave with me that don’t ask and go to your idea office and ask them.
    after that this is going five days and bsnl is not port my bsnl no.
    this going me vary loss.
    so please tell me what can i do now.

  5. praneeth reddy on 5th Dec' 14Reply

    I have ported my vodafone to bsnl and I got a message that you will be ported on date and time but my vodafone network disconnected and I have inserted new bsnl sim its showing sim card registration failed please help me what to do

    • TelecomDiary on 6th Dec' 14Reply

      Hello Praneeth,

      It seems the porting is not completed at BSNL.
      Have you checked with their customer care?

  6. niraj on 21st Aug' 14Reply

    I sent a UPC message. But not any responses so please send me UPC code sir Mo:9426157805

  7. vijay on 22nd Jul' 14Reply

    hllo i port my sim idea tobsnl 16/07/2014 butafter 7 daysstillno progressfoundmy no, is still in idea…whythey are not leavingthenetwork…

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Jul' 14Reply

      Hello Vijay,

      Have your provided all the documents and required information to BSNL?
      MNP FAQ’s might help you.

    • abooze on 2nd Dec' 14Reply

      Hi Vijay, it took 15 days to port my idea to bsnl. So, be patient.

  8. Guru on 8th Apr' 14Reply


    I did the portability process and received confirmation sms from 1901 also, but still no service is found even after 20 mins from changing my new bsnl sim .Its coming like “Requesting your handset configuration” dialog box again and again im clicking “ok” again and again . what can i do?

  9. Sunil on 30th Jan' 14Reply

    Sorry, one more point for my above post . When I try to lodge a complaint online with BSNL, I get a message “number not working in BSNL” although BSNL SIM card definitely working.
    This shows, I think, that the MNP request is in process but all the necessary updation has not been done

  10. Sunil on 30th Jan' 14Reply

    Hello Telecomdiary,

    You are doing a great. I have also tried to port my number from Bangalore Karnataka BSNL prepaid to Docomo postpaid. I have sent my 10 digit number and PORT message to 1900, got the UPC number, and have got the new SIM from Docomo. After that there is no development.

    Docomo helpline says there is no record of my BSNL number with them, and suggest asking BSNL for the status of the MNP request.

    Could you please help me with a contact number for BSNL for this problem ? Thanks

    • TelecomDiary on 3rd Feb' 14Reply

      Hello Sunil,

      Mr. A.P. Bhatt from BSNL can be helpful for you. Try contacting him at 09448010217 or 080-25595599.

  11. Arpan Ray on 14th Jan' 14Reply


    I have tried to port my number from BSNL prepaid to Vodafone postpaid. I have sent my 10 digit number and PORT message to 1900, have got no reply. Waited for 3/4 days. Lodged complain with BSNL customer care, as per their suggestion again sent the port message and waited for some more days. This way, it has been ONE MONTH , several customer care complain IDs and port messages to 1900 – but I have not got the UPC yet.

    I satisfy all the MNP checklist requirements and also have got the new SIM from Vodafone. But since I am not getting the UPC, I am unable to switch to the new network.

    I am from Kolkata, West Bengal. Any help will be highly appreciated.

    • TelecomDiary on 24th Jan' 14Reply

      Hello Arpan,

      Talk to S. Mohapatra from BSNL at 09433000672, 033-22422222.

  12. Jayadev on 21st Dec' 13Reply

    I am planning to port from BSNL to Tata Docomo in Andhra Pradesh. I sent PORT message to 1900 twice and waited for almost 3 days but no reply yet. What should I do?

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Dec' 13Reply

      Hello Jayadev,

      Mr. J. Ravi Chandra from BSNL can assist you. Reach him at 0944000044 / 040-23201122

      • Jayadev on 23rd Dec' 13Reply

        Thank you very much

  13. Tushar on 20th Dec' 13Reply

    I have been using Vodafone since 5 months, I requested for port and submitted fee and form for Vodafone to BSNL on 07/12/2013. Till the date i.e. 20/12/2013, my phone no. is no ported . I’ve been too the BSNL Head Office, they said it will be automatic.
    And my porting code expires tomorrow.. Tell me what to do ASAP

  14. Sita Ratnam on 28th Nov' 13Reply

    I was using BSNL post paid and my number is 9490749049. I applied for MNP from BSNL to Airtel. Its been 2 weeks and it seems BSNL didnt release my number to Airtel for them to activate my sim. Please see to it that my above number is released to Airtel. Almost 3rd week now and still BSNL has not released my number. Please look into the matter.

  15. Raj Prince on 19th Oct' 13Reply

    Hi, im raja
    I have to change my no. from bsnl to aircel
    I had sent the PORT msg to 1900, but I didn’t get any reply from bsnl.


    • TelecomDiary on 22nd Oct' 13Reply

      Hello raj,

      Refer to MNP Checklist.

      • Bhaswati Banerjee on 11th Dec' 14Reply

        Hi Raj,
        I have exactly the same problem as you. Were you able to solve it?

  16. mothi on 18th Oct' 13Reply

    before i thought i wana change network from bsnl to vodafone. and i submitted documents to vodafone no activated. but now i came to know value of bsnl so i dont wana change other network. plz dont allow to change other network. i wana coninue in bsn

  17. ashok savalwade on 17th Oct' 13Reply

    I want to port my no. from Bsnl to Aircel
    I sent the message port 9420675396 to 1900 on 6 oct 2013
    and got Upc code( BZ366293) within 3 days but my new sim is still not get activated.
    Not got any further call or message from both the operators about porting.
    What to do???

    • TelecomDiary on 22nd Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Ashok,

      Refer to MNP checklist.
      What was the update response from either BSNL or Aircel customer care team, if you have contacted them.

  18. ashok savalwade on 17th Oct' 13Reply

    my bsnl no 94020675396 prtout to idea on date 06oct 2013 but still no any responce from bsnl

    • TelecomDiary on 22nd Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Ashok,

      Have you contacted either BSNL or Idea customer care centers?

  19. Ashok Kumar Naidu on 7th Oct' 13Reply

    sir i have bsnl prepaid sim my no is 9457950988 i applied a port for airel,,but still my no is not transfered,,so i could i check my portability status,,,plz help me

    • TelecomDiary on 18th Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Ashok,

      Refer to MNP Checklist.
      Also, what was the feedback from your customer care on this situation.

  20. Vivek Naik on 7th Oct' 13Reply

    Is this possible to port a BSNL landline to BSNL mobile number as wel?
    Please suggest.

    • TelecomDiary on 18th Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Vivek,

      As of today, it is not possible.

  21. Shafi.M.S on 5th Oct' 13Reply

    hello sir.i have ported from idea to bsnl.but i have not received any messages.what to do further??

  22. pieush agrawal on 30th Sep' 13Reply

    I have a SIM from BSNL ( Rajasthan) gifted to me by someone 10 years back. Since then I am using it till dt. Now I wish to port to airtel/ idea and retain the same number. Can I do it using my ID. Also tell me the procedure to have that number in my name

    • TelecomDiary on 18th Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Pieush,

      First you have to change the ownership to your name, this can be done by original owner only by visiting any BSNL office along with his & your valid documents.
      Once ownership has been changed, follow the MNP Process to port to Airtel / Idea.

  23. N R J on 15th Sep' 13Reply

    I have BSNL prepaid sim of Maharashtra, few days back i got transferred to Karnataka…
    I want to retain my Mah. no. in Karnataka, So is there is any provision of Porting from Mah circle to Karnataka circle.

    • TelecomDiary on 18th Sep' 13Reply

      Hello N R J,

      As of today, inter-state porting is not possible.

  24. Abhinav on 13th Sep' 13Reply

    I want to port my no. from Bsnl to Aircel
    I sent the message port 94******27 to 1900 on 5 september
    and got Upc code within 3 days but my new sim is still not get activated.
    Not got any further call or message from both the operators about porting.
    What to do???

    • Abhinav on 17th Sep' 13Reply

      Waiting For reply…………………………

    • TelecomDiary on 18th Sep' 13Reply

      Hi Abhinav,

      Contact the Aircel Customer care center.

  25. mahesh95 on 12th Sep' 13Reply

    Respected Sir,
    I want to port my mobile number from Bsnl to Aircel. The authorities filled the form and also gave me a new aircel sim but it has been 10 days since the submission of the form and I have got no sms regarding my successful portability.

    Help me out sir…. What shall i do????

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Sep' 13Reply

      Hello Mahesh,

      Refer to the MNP Checklist and validate if you have followed the same.

  26. Naveen on 3rd Sep' 13Reply

    Hi sir,
    i want to port my tata no to MTNL and i m also sending a sms ‘PORT ’ to 1900 but i cant get my UPC and i tried many methods like “PORT “, or “PORT mobile number” but its reply me method is wrong,what should i do?

    • TelecomDiary on 4th Sep' 13Reply

      Hello Naveen,

      Hope you are following MNP Procedure.
      You can take your customer care help for further assistance.

  27. S.Riyaz Ahammad on 20th Aug' 13Reply

    hello sir i am vodaphone to bsnl port my no and isubmit my proofs in bsnl shoppe at 12.08.2013 and no message recieved yet and not poted

  28. vivek on 18th Aug' 13Reply

    I want to change my service provider from BSNL to AIRTEL. I applied to port my number and got message from1901 the ‘we are processing the request to port your mobile number.I have got new SIM from AIRTEL but BSNL does not disconnect my SIM. I am still with BSNL and nothing happened.
    Now what I should do??

  29. sunil on 14th Aug' 13Reply

    i have a bsnl fancy number in mumbai, i got it from the bsnl office in mumbai n i paid for it…,bsnl does not have its own network in mumbai so it has a tie up with MTNL….i want to port out from bsnl to some other service provider in mumbai…is it possible?

    • sunil on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      i repeat..i got the bsnl number frm the bsnl office in mumbai.i got the UPC..the code starts wit BZ which means maharashtra..i live in can i port out to another provider in mumbai…no provider is accepting the port bcos of BZ…pls let me know ur thoughts..regards

      • TelecomDiary on 24th Aug' 13Reply

        Hello Sunil,

        Talk to H.Prasad – BSNL at 022-26601260 for due assistance.

        • sunil on 26th Aug' 13Reply

          Hi, H prasad got transfered bout 3 yrs ago, a woman answered the phone n refused to help

    • vikas on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      yes..i ported my bsnl fancy no. to idea..but only within maharashtra circle…..mumbai is out of maharashtra circle…

  30. Vishnu on 11th Aug' 13Reply

    After using my bsnl sim in my new phone the sim is not working, the sim is in roaming

  31. rupesh on 4th Aug' 13Reply

    I have applied for portibility at BSNL but yet not received any sms since last 8 days

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      Hello Rupesh,

      Have you contacted the customer care?

  32. ASSISH on 2nd Aug' 13Reply


  33. akash on 31st Jul' 13Reply

    Sir I get sms frm bsnl that today pls call 59059 for tele verification and activation of your number after 23:00 for 4 hour no service will provide but next day still show old network of bsnl where to contect I want to change bsnl to idea

  34. surender singh yadav on 24th Jul' 13Reply

    I apply for portability of my idea pre paid no 9506404738 to bsnl at bsnl office kanpur (UP) on 06 Jul 13 but till date my idea mobile no is not portable to bsnl till date. I want to know what is delay.

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      Hello Surender,

      Get the due assistance from Mr. Manish Ranjan – idea at 9889189200.

  35. sunil on 24th Jul' 13Reply

    i have a bsnl fancy number in mumbai, i got it from the bsnl office in mumbai n i paid for it…,bsnl does not have its own network in mumbai so it has a tie up with MTNL….i want to port out from bsnl to some other service provider in mumbai…is it possible?

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      Hello Sunil,

      Porting is possible from BSNL to other networks, BSML may reject your porting request on fancy number base.
      Still you can go through.

  36. mahadeb kesh on 23rd Jul' 13Reply

    after 9 days i was unable to dial 1507 for varification, for my no 9832253035

  37. mahadeb kesh on 23rd Jul' 13Reply

    hello , my vodafone no 9832253035 has been port out to bsnl and i get new sim card of bsnl, but i can”t call 1507 for document varification , in this time my new bsnl sim is expiry, . and what can i do, pls help me

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      Hello Mahadeb,

      Your customer care will help you on this.

  38. Devaraj on 19th Jun' 13Reply

    This is normal cheating process. I also had the same problem. TRAI informs that we can easily change our service provider, through MNP. But it seldom works. Your present service provider do not want to loose a customer, that was why they had given you some additional, value added service.

  39. anand on 18th Jun' 13Reply

    Reuested to port from docomo to bsnl (both prepaid) on 14 jun 13.. after unique number nothing happened. docomo says bsnl has to send “cancel request”. bsnl guys says “everything done already”. but docomo sim still works. But, one thing, docomo gave freee data usage of 1.5 gb valid upto 15 Aug 13 without my consent. Gave complaint to docomo, but they says, “will be done” but this cycle has happened twice in last 1 month.. What may be the reason. ?

  40. kamesh on 1st Jun' 13Reply

    i hav aplied to port my bsnl number on 09/05/2013 but still now my number is not port and i did not get any message from +1901…help me what to do i send msg PORT 9999999999 to 1900 format ….. crap bsnl

    • TelecomDiary on 6th Jun' 13Reply

      Hello Kamesh,

      There seems some technical issue with BSNL in message center setting in your mobile.
      Talk to customer care and they can help you.

  41. Amrita Chaudhuri on 22nd May' 13Reply

    I want to port my number from bsnl connection to vodafone connection. But my Porting message is not getting delivered and i couldn’t reach to the customer care executive. what should i do now?

    • TelecomDiary on 6th Jun' 13Reply

      Hello Amrita,

      If you are failing to reach customer care executive from BSNL number, try calling from other phones.
      From which state you are?

  42. mahesh patil on 26th Apr' 13Reply

    at that i am in roaming and using bsnl postpaid agricultural plan mobile sim but i am not found network in my mobil please help me

    • mahesh patil on 26th Apr' 13Reply

      i have faced roaming problem, how i can overcome it? how to paid the mobile roaming charges for bsnl postpaid agricultural plan. i am residential of Maharashtra.

  43. Aviansh on 13th Apr' 13Reply

    I am Avinash and I want to port my DOCOMO number in utter pradesh to BSNL number in karnataka. Is it possible?

    • TelecomDiary on 14th Apr' 13Reply

      Hello Aviansh,

      As of today, inter-state porting is not possible.

      • bhupender on 3rd May' 13Reply

        i have vodafone which i port in bsnl…. now vodafone sim has now no network after 7days but the sim i got from bsnl also has no network… i had received a msg from vodafone that your porting has approved and we will communicate the porting date and time shortly. but after that msg from vodafone i received no msg for time and date and then at night it stopped working. plz tell me when i will get network in bsnl sim now… both sims shows sim card registration failed msg

        • TelecomDiary on 6th Jun' 13Reply

          Hello Bhupender,

          Talk to Vodafone customer care.
          From which state you are?

  44. Owais Andrabi on 12th Apr' 13Reply

    kindly solve my issue, i want unmber portability code, sending sms but not getting delivered, calling , the moment they came to know call is for number portability disconnect the call.
    My cell no is 9419407978.

    • TelecomDiary on 14th Apr' 13Reply

      Hello Owais,

      You can get due assistance from Mr. D K Koul – BSNL at 0191-2473833.

  45. arvind on 8th Apr' 13Reply

    Hello sir good evening myself AP Singh i was user of BSNL in Maharastra now i migratted to visakhapatnam can i portable my no to vizag in same network.

    • TelecomDiary on 10th Apr' 13Reply

      Hello Arvind,

      As of today, you can not port inter-state.

  46. lakshmna on 7th Apr' 13Reply

    hello sir, i have change my airtel sim into bsnl and i have got new sim but there is no network and shows sim card registraton failed. pls tell me when it will work

    • TelecomDiary on 7th Apr' 13Reply

      Hello Lakshmna,

      Talk to BSNL customer care.

  47. Abhinav on 29th Mar' 13Reply

    i hav aplied to port my bsnl number to vodafone on 14th march but still now my number is not port and i did not get any message from +1901…help me what to do

  48. vinoth on 29th Mar' 13Reply

    hello sir,
    vinoth from tamil nadu, i have more problem in bsnl net work,so i like to change my net work in bsnl to docomo and also i get portabilty no,but that net work not responce to me?
    how to change to my network pls help me sir?

  49. Abhinav on 29th Mar' 13Reply

    Sir i aplied to port my number from BSNL to VODAFONE.But the problem isthat still after 15 days my number is not to VODAFONE. please give me some solution

  50. Sushil Kumar on 27th Mar' 13Reply

    hello sir, i have change my vodafone sim into bsnl and i have got new sim but there is no network and shows sim card registraton failed. pls tell me when it will work

    • Telecom Diary on 29th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Sushil,

      There are many reasons, refer to MNP Checklist.

  51. abdul jabbar on 14th Mar' 13Reply

    hello sir,
    I have mts sim I want port out from mts. But the problem is mts can’t give me mu ‘UPC’ code. I sen port out massage many times. What I do ? Please give me the solution. I am from West Bengal.

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Abdul Jabbar,

      Talk help from Mr. Parth Pratim – MTS at 9153355355.

  52. abdul jabbar on 14th Mar' 13Reply

    hello sir,
    I have mts sim I want port out from mts. But the problem is mts can’t give me mu ‘UPC’ code. I sen port out massage many times. What I do ? Please give me the solution.

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Abdul Jabbar,

      Talk help from Mr. Parth Pratim – MTS at 9153355355.

  53. amit kumar on 9th Mar' 13Reply

    sir i have change my tata docomo in bsnl and i have got new sim from bsnl care but today is the 4th day there is no network and show siim card registraton failed then after how many days sim work properly and what to do if network is appear first time in sim

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Amit,

      Does your DoCoMo SIM stopped working? Unless your number is ported from DoCoMo to BSNL, your BSNL SIM will not work.
      Check if DoCoMo is still working.
      Refer to MNP Process.

      • monisha on 21st Apr' 13Reply

        I have changed my airtel no. To bsnl now its showing sim card registration failed for both the sim. Now my no. Is nt working, what should i do?

        • TelecomDiary on 26th Apr' 13Reply

          Hello Monisha,

          Have you contacted both customer care service? What was the response?

  54. Raghava Yeshwanth on 15th Feb' 13Reply

    after sending sms to 1900,I’m getting a sms from +1901 that is’ incoorect format pls try again’ please help $e

    • Telecom Diary on 16th Feb' 13Reply

      Hello Raghava,

      From which state you are?

  55. JEET on 30th Jan' 13Reply

    can i change/portable my bsnl post paid sim to other network’s prepaid sim??

    • Telecom Diary on 30th Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Jeet,

      You can port post-paid number to pre-paid and vice-versa.

      • JEET on 30th Jan' 13Reply

        and the procedure is same ??

        • Telecom Diary on 31st Jan' 13Reply

          Hello Jeet,


  56. brijesh shukla on 30th Jan' 13Reply

    i want to port my bsnl number of rajasthan to himachal pradesh in bsnl operator is it possible? if yes than how ?

    • Telecom Diary on 30th Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Brijesh,

      As of today, you can not port to other states.

  57. Anku on 26th Jan' 13Reply

    My no 9858888888

  58. aaradhana on 26th Jan' 13Reply

    i want to switch my network from airtel to bsnl..
    can any1 tell me what i hav to do now….??

  59. tariq khan on 25th Jan' 13Reply

    my self tariq khan from varanasi i had give mnp request for my no 9415222877 on 14 jan13 from bsnl to idea but after 12 day my porting is pending from bsnl side .
    kindly take some serious action

  60. Mounica on 23rd Jan' 13Reply

    good aftnun sir,
    my bsnl number has my dad’s proof,while porting is there any option to change the proofs and give mine.
    please let me know it sir
    thank you.

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Mounica,

      You can do the following:-
      Change the ownership at BSNL to your name by providing required documents and port to any other mobile network.

      • Mounica on 23rd Jan' 13Reply

        Thank you..

  61. yaswanth on 6th Jan' 13Reply

    Hi sir…i want to change my opeator from idea to bsnl…is it possible??at first my no. Is aircel..i chaged it to idea..after 6 months…iam decided to change idea to bsnl??,?is it possible to change operator at multiple times?????

    • Telecom Diary on 6th Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Yaswanth,

      You can change your mobile operators any number of times, given there is a 90 days gap between porting.
      Refer to MNP Checklist for more information.

  62. deepak on 3rd Jan' 13Reply

    i ported from reliance to bsnl in November 2012 hoping for better signal and connectivity.. but the call cutting rate and voice breakage and lot of other people voices in my calls.. i contacted bsnl customer care and they said it will get set in few days.. but no.. what shall i do??

  63. sartaj roshan on 29th Dec' 12Reply

    i can use idea my bsnl sim

  64. DHANPAT SINGH on 16th Dec' 12Reply

    I Have applied for port of mobile No 9466136759 from BSNL to VODAFONE on 04 Dec 2012. My MNP Sim No is 89910171340006453127 and my port code is BH156943. I have been received a call from BSNL Karnal (Haryana) about verification and they said that your No will be ported in 48 hours but not ported so far. What I Can do for this problem

    • Telecom Diary on 4th Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Dhanpat,

      Have you tried calling BSNL Call center to get an updated status on your porting request?

  65. vikas wagh on 10th Dec' 12Reply

    thank u very much..

    • Telecom Diary on 12th Dec' 12Reply

      Hello Vikas,

      You welcome.

      Like us @ Facebook

  66. Mohan C on 9th Dec' 12Reply

    Hi I am Mohan Chavan , i have applied to port from BSNL to Vodafone but, i dont know why its not porting , i have tried twice for the same please help me here please, i want to go to Vodafone from BSNL

  67. vikas wagh on 6th Dec' 12Reply

    yes, i paid fancy numbers amount.. that was 749+tax ..and what r the other conditions of portout from bsnl,and i want to port in mumbai this allow by bsnl….

    • Telecom Diary on 10th Dec' 12Reply

      Hello Vikas,

      If you are currently from Mumbai, yes you can port to Vodafone Mumbai.
      If you are from other part of Maharastra (not Mumbai), you can not port to Vodafone Mumbai, however you can confirm with Vodafone customer care.

      For other details, refer to MNP Procedure.

  68. vikas wagh on 6th Dec' 12Reply

    i have fancy number 9422xyxzxz of bsnl (maharashtra) …i want to go with vidafone…is this possible for me…??

    • Telecom Diary on 6th Dec' 12Reply

      Hello Vikas,

      If you have paid for that fancy number,then no problem. Otherwise, BSNL may object and you have to put some struggle.
      But, as per TRAI there is no such provision to stop subscribers from porting, it is just a smartness of mobile operators.
      You can try.

      • Mohan C on 9th Dec' 12Reply

        hi please help me to port from BSNL to Vodafone plz

  69. Sandeep Bishnoi on 8th Nov' 12Reply

    I have vodafone sim card and wants to convert it into bsnl. what call rate given to me by bsnl. I live in rajasthan.

  70. Raju on 19th Oct' 12Reply

    I got a BSNL number in Haryana where we had an office earlier. Now the office is closed and want to shift the same number to Andhra Pradesh. How can I do it?

    • Telecom Diary on 26th Oct' 12Reply

      Hello Raju,

      You can use that number in roaming, but you can not Port it to Andra Pradesh network.

  71. Arun Kumar on 12th Oct' 12Reply

    Sir, I have applied for Number portability from BSNL 9216136250 (Prepaid) to Air tel vide BP 345863 on dated on 25/9/12, but this number has not been allowed by BSNL to port to Air Tel. I do not know the reason. Now again on 12-10-12 I have applied for port vide BP 776385 to air tel please do the needful for portability to Airtel.

    • Telecom Diary on 12th Oct' 12Reply

      Hello Arun,

      Your mobile number 9216136250 seems to be a Tata Indicom from Punjab. Kindly confirm.

  72. Khaja on 21st Sep' 12Reply


    I am using Reliance CDMA number, now i am planning to switch to BSNL GSM
    Could please tell me the procedure.


  73. sathiyaseelan on 18th Sep' 12Reply

    gud noon sir
    i want to change my bsnl number but my msg is not send to 1900
    wats the reason pls help 2 get porting num

  74. rumi on 10th Sep' 12Reply

    i want to port my bsnl connection to tata docomo..
    wat r d procedures??
    nd my bsnl no has expired its outgoing facility yesterday.but incoming is still there.

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Sep' 12Reply

      Hello Shoukat Ali,

      You need to send SMS to 1900 in the predefined format for UPC. Read MNP Procedure.

  75. Tarkesh on 18th Jul' 12Reply

    I want to port my Aircel Prepaid connection to bsnl postpaid.But I wan’t krishi plan bsnl my number is 8796297888 My City Is Phaltan, Satara 415523
    Is that possible to do?

    Please reply.

    • Telecom Diary on 19th Jul' 12Reply

      Hello Tarkesh,

      BSNL krishi plan is for the Employees of Dept of Agriculture and their associates and farmers only.
      Are you any of them?

      • Tarkesh on 20th Jul' 12Reply


        • Telecom Diary on 21st Jul' 12Reply

          Hello Tarkesh,

          If you have a farmer identity card from Dept. of agriculture, then you can have Krishi plan.
          If you don’t have, you cant have a Krishi plan.

          • Tarkesh on 21st Jul' 12


          • Telecom Diary on 22nd Jul' 12

            Hello Tarkesh,

            Aisa ho tho, 90 din poora hone tak wait karo.

  76. sooraj on 13th Jul' 12Reply

    hi iam sooraj
    i want to port my bsnl number to vodafone i send sms to 1900 and got upc code i submit all to vodafone got a new sim card but my bsnl connection is not deactivated no messages from bsnl
    what i do?

  77. PAVAN KUMAR SHUKLA on 26th Jun' 12Reply

    my name pavan kumar shukla my moble no. 9450154214 pless no. port
    aircel sim no. 89918100412180959978 upc code BE266611 FOR date
    19/06/2012 aircel soroom kakadev kanpur city from no.11394829 mnp
    service apply

  78. praveen on 5th Jun' 12Reply

    i have a vodafone sim and i want to port to BSNL and the instrument iam using is IPhone i had been to BSNL office and thier they told me that you cannot get the mini sim which suits the Iphone with the same number you have to opt for an another number if you want to come into BSNL

    can any one guide me in this regard

    • Telecom Diary on 9th Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Praveen,

      We heard the same in the past, but only BSNL can help you.
      From which state you are?

      • praveen on 9th Jun' 12Reply

        i am from bangalore(karnataka)

  79. Ravichandra on 2nd May' 12Reply

    I have a Tata Indicom CDMA phone. now i am change to BSNL network with MNP. is this prossible????

    • Telecom Diary on 4th May' 12Reply

      Hello Ravichandra,

      It is possible. Go ahead.

  80. chandrakant on 30th Apr' 12Reply

    ca i change my bsnl operator to idea or tata docomo . what is the call rates of new operator .

    • Telecom Diary on 4th May' 12Reply

      Hello Chandrakant,

      It is possible.
      Check with your new operator for call rates.

  81. Vasu on 5th Apr' 12Reply

    I ported my no. from vodafone to BSNL in Dec`2011 and that was into postpaid.I got it migrated to BSNL prepaid on 4-4-2012 .But when I called BSNL customer regarding some queries, they were not able to help me in anyway as in their tools my no was reflecting under VODAFONE.Even I went and spoke to concerned persons at customer service center, but even they could not help me. Even I want to port my no. to other network, but when I`m sending PORT xxxxxxxxxx to 1900 …the message is not being sent successfully.
    Can anyone suggest what has to be done !!!

    • Telecom Diary on 6th Apr' 12Reply

      Hello Vasu,

      Wait for a week to BSNL records updated totally.
      You can not port to another network before 90 days.

  82. Viju on 30th Mar' 12Reply

    I have to change my no. from bsnl to vodafone.
    I had sent the PORT msg to 1900, but I didn’t get any reply from bsnl.
    Plz help..


    • Telecom Diary on 30th Mar' 12Reply

      Hello Vijju,

      You have to send PORT XXXXXXXXXX to 1900 to get unique porting code. Replace xxxx’s with your mobile number.

  83. Alphonsa on 7th Mar' 12Reply

    I want to port my vodafone postpaid connection to bsnl prepaid.
    Is that possible to do?

    Please reply.


    • Telecom Diary on 10th Mar' 12Reply

      Hello Alphonsa,

      It is possible, call your BSNL executive or Customer care. They will guide you.

  84. Vaibhav Patni on 25th Feb' 12Reply

    I have ported in to bsnl few days back,but since after unable to recieve msgs from airtel no from whole India.
    Although,i can send them msgs.None other operator has issue except airtel.No Call issue too.

    • Telecom Diary on 26th Feb' 12Reply

      Hello Vaibhav,

      Only BSNL guys can answer this.
      If you got solution, kindly post it here for other members information, it will be helpful for others.

  85. sunita on 8th Feb' 12Reply

    i have applied for porting from airtel to bsnl 7 days ago.i got a confirmation of successful porting. now my airtel sim shows sim card registration failed which is obvious, i get bsnl network on my phone ; but when am calling on my no it shows that this no doesn’t exist and with that i was supposed to recharge Rs.46/- which couldn’t b done at the retailer and i dnt know why????? all bsnl no.s can be recharged there but not mine. can anyone suggest me the solution….plzzzz

    • Telecom Diary on 9th Feb' 12Reply

      Hello Sunita,

      This is known problem with BSNL and some other mobile operators too & they must be trying to fix this.
      Register complaint with BSNL ASAP or wait for 24 hours and is should be updated in BSNL databases.

    • akash on 31st Jul' 13Reply

      Can I know whitch no u port

  86. Ramesh on 22nd Jan' 12Reply

    I had ported my Vodafone number in last week of 2011, and followed all the procedures to get the BSNL service. After 8/10 days of porting, I got a call from BSNL for address verification and told that I ll get the BSNL service within 3 more days. But already 25 days gone after porting. Still I am unable to get the BSNL service. But vodafone SIM is still working. Now I am unable to understand, who is responsible for it; vodafone or BSNL. Can anybody help me to short out this problem???

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Ramesh,

      Mobile Number Porting is a shake hand procedure, means both operators are responsible. We have Donor operator and new operator in this process.
      In your case, Vodafone is donor and he has to release the number from his server to BSNL server. Vodafone will only do this when below parametres are met :-

      1) You should be at-least 90 days old customer with donor
      2) You have paid last month bill (if postpaid)
      3) You have paid unbilled amount to the date (if postpaid), advised to pay some 10-15Rs extra
      4) You have not got any free gits or free talk-time or bill adjustments from donor in past 90 days
      5) Your mobile number is not a fancy number and you have got it free
      6) And many more… (depends on operator)

      If donor is satisfied with above all parameters, he will release the number and BSNL has to activate it.
      BSNL has nothing to do here, except get the mobile number from Donor operator and activate it on BSNL network.
      Below are the below concerns for BSNL to accept your porting request when :-

      1) The details you have given should not mismatched while verification
      2) If postpaid, you must live with family or else make some security deposit
      3) Owner of the Vodafone mobile number and Applicant in BSNL application should be same (even if its your father’s, not accepted)

      Now with above details, analyze your situation and talk to both operators customer care, sure they will help you.
      For further help, visit Mobile Number Portability forum.

  87. prasad on 2nd Jan' 12Reply

    sir, i hv vodafone sim, & now i want to it port in bsnl krushi prepaid plan. What i do for it.

    • Telecom Diary on 3rd Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Prasad,

      Irrespective of what plan you want to active on BSNL, follow the above given information to port from Vodafone to BSNL and then choose your choice of plan in BSNL.
      For further information, visit Mobile Number Portability forum.

  88. kshitij singh on 29th Dec' 11Reply

    I was sumbeted my docment in bsnl office for mnp.but i am not recving any msg there.

  89. Selvam.P on 26th Dec' 11Reply

    Hai I am bsnl customer my network area fully roaming i will complaint bsnl exchange he is not required my problem i am portability to videocon

    • Telecom Diary on 26th Dec' 11Reply

      Hello Selvam,

      Follow the above procedure to change your operator.

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