Idea Cellular MNP.  The process of porting Idea mobile number to another Mobile operator is so simple & easy. Just follow the below 4-steps simple process to port successfully:

  1. Know your Mobile Number Porting eligibility

    • Call the customer-care of the new Mobile operator you wish to port and understand their pre-requisites, documents required and terms & conditions. You can read these in their CAF (Customer Application Form) or ask their executive.
    • If you wish to port-out, fill the CAF & Porting Form. To fill these forms, you will need Unique Porting Code.
  2. Get UPC (Unique Porting Code)

    • Send SMS in below format to obtain UPC from Idea Cellular:
      • PORT xxxxxxxxxx to 1900. Replace X’s with your 10-digit Idea mobile number.
    • If you are from Jammu & Kashmir and a pre-paid subscriber, call 1900 to get the UPC.
    • Idea will provide an auto generated 8 digits UPC; first two characters are alphabets & rest of six is numerical characters.
  3. Mobile Number Porting request

    • Submit the duly filled CAF & Porting Form to your new mobile operator. Below details are mandatory:
      • UPC (Unique Porting Code)
      • Documents required by your new Mobile Operator
      • Last bill paid receipt from Idea, if you are a post-paid subscriber
    • Get new SIM card from your new Mobile operator.
    • Your new Mobile operator may charge Rs. 19/- as porting charges.
    • Note: You can cancel MNP request only within 24 hours from submitting the CAF & Porting Form. Read Idea Cellular MNP FAQ’s.
  4. Activation of your ported Mobile number

    • If your porting request from Idea is accepted, your new Mobile operator will confirm the same in 3-4 working days.
    • Your new Mobile operator will inform you the date & time of when the porting will happen, by SMS.
    • On 7th Working day, you will be ported to your new Mobile operator. If you are from Jammu & Kashmir, Assam & North East, it will be on 15th working day.
    • There will be about 2-4 hours service disruption during the porting process, mostly during night only.
    • Replace your current Idea SIM card with new SIM card provided by your new Mobile operator.

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  1. Dashrath on 2nd Apr' 15 Reply #5972

    how long it will to make possible inter circle portability from gujarat circle to delhi circle…is it possible if yes by when i can get it

    • TelecomDiary on 11th Apr' 15 Reply #5989

      Hello dashrath,

      As per TRAI regulation, nationwide MNP should come into effect from 5th May’ 2015.
      Refer to Nationwide MNP news.

  2. ratan on 26th Mar' 15 Reply #5959

    i have a post paid number with idea cellular 8446434 703 with idea housefull plan. suddently in the month of feb – march 15, i receive bill for approx 1900/- and when enquired, i was explained that i have used internet in excess of normal plan to the tune of nearly 350 mb which is charged for 1250 and rest is the billing plan. when enquired and filed a complain with customercare, it was explained some funny reason because 350 or 400 mb data if charged for 1250 is simply un-authentic and unrealistic. however, being aggreived i have choosed to port my number with some other better service provider with due payment of all their dues, but to my utter surprise, they continuously rejecting my application for porting in one or the other excuse of payment outstanding lately i have paid some additional amount as advance also and send the account updatation which too have been denied with excuse of physical payment receipt. this kind of cheap and dirty game was never expected from adityabirla group. yet i am suffering from their nasty attitude. i shall request all concerned to take note of and whosoever can come in helping hand would be appreciated.
    ratan chakraborty

  3. RAM.T on 19th Mar' 15 Reply #5954

    I am confused to choose best network operator. AIRTEL or Vodafone for Hi-Speed and Best Coverage on 2G and 3G+.

  4. Inavika on 2nd Mar' 15 Reply #5920

    I want to port my idea number (assam circle) to northeast circle. Can it be possible?

    • TelecomDiary on 2nd Mar' 15 Reply #5922

      Hello Inavika,

      As of now, inter-circle porting is not possible.

  5. kasi on 28th Feb' 15 Reply #5910

    How much cost for number portability in idea….BSNL to IDEA number portability charges ?

    • TelecomDiary on 28th Feb' 15 Reply #5911

      Hello Kasi,

      “Per Port Transaction Charge” defined by TRAI is up to Rs. 19/-. However, Idea may not charge this as a complimentary. Check with sales executive.
      Read more MNP FAQ’s.

  6. shaikh on 26th Feb' 15 Reply #5901

    idea network is very bad no network in fort area> my office in mumbai

  7. princedhaliwal on 20th Feb' 15 Reply #5888

    If we want to port our no. From any one operator to another operator .. is it mandatory to change sim card ?

    • TelecomDiary on 20th Feb' 15 Reply #5889

      Hello Prince,

      It is mandatory to change the SIM to be in another operator network.

  8. SURESH on 25th Dec' 14 Reply #5778

    I want to port my airtel number, but i am confused to choose the other best operator. Can i get some help?


    • Anonymous on 17th Feb' 15 Reply #5885

      Best Signals-IDEA
      Cheep Call Cost-TATA DOCOMO
      Net Used-AIRCEL

  9. Jagadish R on 24th Dec' 14 Reply #5775

    know a days airtel charges heavy rates on calls and net packing and service also very poor

  10. ananthu on 6th Dec' 14 Reply #5680

    online option

  11. 8800952075 on 1st Dec' 14 Reply #5650

    i want to port my num to idea my num is 8800952075 yyy calll meee

  12. naveen on 25th Nov' 14 Reply #5587

    Dear Sir

    i am frm delhi. I want to port my no. from airtel to reliance. but i am in roaming in madhya pradesh.
    can the no. be ported in roaming network.

    • TelecomDiary on 26th Nov' 14 Reply #5610

      Hello Naveen,

      As of today, Inter-state porting is not available.

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