Tata DoCoMo MNP.  The process of porting Tata DoCoMo mobile number to another Mobile operator is so simple & easy. Just follow the below 4-steps simple process to port successfully:

  1. Know your Mobile Number Porting eligibility

    • Call the customer-care of the new Mobile operator you wish to port and understand their pre-requisites, documents required and terms & conditions. You can read these in their CAF (Customer Application Form) or ask their executive.
    • If you wish to port-out, fill the CAF & Porting Form. To fill these forms, you will need Unique Porting Code.
  2. Get UPC (Unique Porting Code)

    • Send SMS in below format to obtain UPC from Tata DoCoMo:
      • PORT xxxxxxxxxx to 1900. Replace X’s with your 10-digit Tata DoCoMo number.
    • If you are from Jammu & Kashmir and a pre-paid subscriber, call 1900 to get the UPC.
    • Tata DoCoMo will provide an auto generated 8 digits UPC; first two characters are alphabets & rest of six is numerical characters.
  3. Mobile Number Porting request

    • Submit the duly filled CAF & Porting Form to your new mobile operator. Below details are mandatory for DND:
      • UPC (Unique Porting Code)
      • Documents required by your new Mobile Operator
      • Last bill paid receipt from Tata DoCoMo, if you are a post-paid subscriber
    • Get new SIM card from your new Mobile operator.
    • Your new Mobile operator may charge Rs. 19/- as porting charges.
    • Note: You can cancel MNP request only within 24 hours from submitting the CAF & Porting Form. Read Tata DoCoMo MNP FAQ’s.
  4. Activation of your ported Mobile number

    • If your porting request from Tata DoCoMo is accepted, your new Mobile operator will confirm the same in 3-4 working days.
    • Your new Mobile operator will inform you the date & time of when the porting will happen, by SMS.
    • On 7th Working day, you will be ported to your new Mobile operator. If you are from Jammu & Kashmir, Assam & North East, it will be on 15th working day.
    • There will be about 2-4 hours service disruption during the porting process, mostly during night only.
    • Replace your current Tata DoCoMo SIM card with new SIM card provided  by your new Mobile operator.

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    Hello Jidnesh,

    Wait till May’2015, as nation wide MNP may come in affect.
    Watch our NEWS section to get update on this.



    Hello mera number tatadocomo Maharashtra hai….muje yahi number tatadocomo Mumbai me port Karen ka process bats do….



    Hello Onkar,

    Follow the MNP process.



    Hi I’m onkar
    I have porting my sim in idea to docomo I got mnp no. Today so what should I do to activate sim



    I have ported from mtnl dolphin to idea. My idea sim got active yesterday but my dolphin sim is also active


    danish sk

    my sim card net is very slow and no coverage in maharastra and sim is mumbai circle



    Hello Umesh,

    Since the Airtel SIM is inactive now, means they have donated your number DoCoMo and DoCoMo should activate their services on your number.
    Talk to DoCoMo customer care to get the latest update.


    Umesh Agrawal

    I have ported my number from airtel to docomo.
    my both sim are inactive now
    I have been ported to docomo but sim showing no network symbol.

    my number is 8600991525




    Hello Laranz,

    Refer to their portal http://www.tatadocomo.com/prepay.aspx



    Hello Sushma,

    If we understand correctly, you want to cancel the Porting requesting given by your husband.
    Then please call Airtel customer car and request them to stop porting process from Tata DoCoMo; we doubt only your husband has to call, since he is the owner of this number.



    hi sir i am sushma and my tata no is 9250497187 my husband this number to port airtel but i want cancel i want to start my tata no 9250497187 sir pls tell me what will be do



    i want to change my mobile network to docomo what are the offers available for me
    circle Chennai(Tamil nadu)



    Hello Khalid,

    Have you contacted Docomo customer care to know the current status?
    From which state you are?



    i have submitted the documents in docomo outlet till now my number not portin to tata docomo cdma



    Hello Ajay,

    Yes, you have to.



    8807535031 pls contact ths no


    Ajay Goyat

    this is compulsion you have to activate means verifie your address profe by calling 59059 in your area means in Montreal only



    Hello Neeraj,

    Talk to DoCoMo customer care to know the status.


    neeraj arya

    i was submit my id/address proof to retailer on 15.11.14 and receive a sms from docomo on 17.11.14 to confirm ed MNP. But today 22.11.14 my mobile number 9977704041 not ported to docomo. What i do?



    I am using ph 9384093850 i sent port request today evenign 1.11.2014 arround 5pm for AIRCEL., i have finished formaliteis, but after some time i got sms from docomo my port request is failed due to balance due of Rs.91/- so immdly paid the Rs.100/- today itself, i wish to know when my port request will be sent to AIRCEL

    Awaiting fr your replysoon.



    Hello Sri,

    You can resend the request, meanwhile you can call customer-care and get assistance as well.



    Hi i sent port request 1900 for tata docomo have not received code can i send again to 1900



    Hello Chaturdevi,

    You can port back to BSNL after 90 days.



    hi, i ported number from docomo to bsnl. but now im facing lots of difficulties with bsnl. can i again change my number to docomo? or should i have get new number from docomo?



    Hello Dinesh,

    As a basic, first see if you have sufficient balance to call as you are in roaming now, considering BSNL balance will not carried to DoCoMo during number porting.


    Dinesh K

    I have ported a sim from BSNL to docomo.It is successfully ported but I am not able to call any number even to 59059. It is showing number is wrong for all my numbers. I have ported the sim in MP and within 7 days I am now in Gujarat.so is this the problem? I have talked to customer care but they are not responding properly.It had irritated me…what to do now ????



    Hello Santosh,

    Whether you are Postpaid or Prepaid customer, you have all rights to use MNP service. All possibilities to port from GSM-CDMA, GSM-GSM, CDMA-CDMA or CDMA-GSM is possible.
    Talk to Sunitha George from Tata DoCoMo at 9036000121, for further help.



    Hello All,

    I request you all not to be cheated like me by false promises by Docomo. There network and service is really bad compared to other service providers.

    But network coverage is making me to change to others..



    Hi could you please help me.
    i am from Bangalore, Currently i am Using Tata Docomo 1 Postpaid & 1 Prepaid Tata Indicom. But postpaid sim is a GSM & Prepaid is CDMA, now i wanted to convert it from CDMA to GSM, But now the tata docomo executive says they are porting only for Postpaid, i am already using one postpaid, getting another postpaid is waste for me and its Burden also.
    Let me know what can i do Now ?




    Hello Raman,

    Since Vodafone has not released your number for porting, contact Mr. Vikram Bains from Vodafone – Punjab at 09888098880 for further help.

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