Tata DoCoMo MNP.  The process of porting Tata DoCoMo mobile number to another Mobile operator is so simple & easy. Just follow the below 4-steps simple process to port successfully:

  1. Know your Mobile Number Porting eligibility

    • Call the customer-care of the new Mobile operator you wish to port and understand their pre-requisites, documents required and terms & conditions. You can read these in their CAF (Customer Application Form) or ask their executive.
    • If you wish to port-out, fill the CAF & Porting Form. To fill these forms, you will need Unique Porting Code.
  2. Get UPC (Unique Porting Code)

    • Send SMS in below format to obtain UPC from Tata DoCoMo:
      • PORT xxxxxxxxxx to 1900. Replace X’s with your 10-digit Tata DoCoMo number.
    • If you are from Jammu & Kashmir and a pre-paid subscriber, call 1900 to get the UPC.
    • Tata DoCoMo will provide an auto generated 8 digits UPC; first two characters are alphabets & rest of six is numerical characters.
  3. Mobile Number Porting request

    • Submit the duly filled CAF & Porting Form to your new mobile operator. Below details are mandatory for DND:
      • UPC (Unique Porting Code)
      • Documents required by your new Mobile Operator
      • Last bill paid receipt from Tata DoCoMo, if you are a post-paid subscriber
    • Get new SIM card from your new Mobile operator.
    • Your new Mobile operator may charge Rs. 19/- as porting charges.
    • Note: You can cancel MNP request only within 24 hours from submitting the CAF & Porting Form. Read Tata DoCoMo MNP FAQ’s.
  4. Activation of your ported Mobile number

    • If your porting request from Tata DoCoMo is accepted, your new Mobile operator will confirm the same in 3-4 working days.
    • Your new Mobile operator will inform you the date & time of when the porting will happen, by SMS.
    • On 7th Working day, you will be ported to your new Mobile operator. If you are from Jammu & Kashmir, Assam & North East, it will be on 15th working day.
    • There will be about 2-4 hours service disruption during the porting process, mostly during night only.
    • Replace your current Tata DoCoMo SIM card with new SIM card provided  by your new Mobile operator.

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  1. Jidnesh on 15th Mar' 15Reply

    Hello mera number tatadocomo Maharashtra hai….muje yahi number tatadocomo Mumbai me port Karen ka process bats do….

    • TelecomDiary on 15th Mar' 15Reply

      Hello Jidnesh,

      Wait till May’2015, as nation wide MNP may come in affect.
      Watch our NEWS section to get update on this.

  2. onkar on 10th Mar' 15Reply

    Hi I’m onkar
    I have porting my sim in idea to docomo I got mnp no. Today so what should I do to activate sim

  3. Rajendra on 5th Mar' 15Reply

    I have ported from mtnl dolphin to idea. My idea sim got active yesterday but my dolphin sim is also active

  4. danish sk on 7th Feb' 15Reply

    my sim card net is very slow and no coverage in maharastra and sim is mumbai circle

  5. Umesh Agrawal on 6th Jan' 15Reply

    I have ported my number from airtel to docomo.
    my both sim are inactive now
    I have been ported to docomo but sim showing no network symbol.

    my number is 8600991525


    • TelecomDiary on 7th Jan' 15Reply

      Hello Umesh,

      Since the Airtel SIM is inactive now, means they have donated your number DoCoMo and DoCoMo should activate their services on your number.
      Talk to DoCoMo customer care to get the latest update.

  6. Sushma on 18th Dec' 14Reply

    hi sir i am sushma and my tata no is 9250497187 my husband this number to port airtel but i want cancel i want to start my tata no 9250497187 sir pls tell me what will be do

    • TelecomDiary on 19th Dec' 14Reply

      Hello Sushma,

      If we understand correctly, you want to cancel the Porting requesting given by your husband.
      Then please call Airtel customer car and request them to stop porting process from Tata DoCoMo; we doubt only your husband has to call, since he is the owner of this number.

  7. Laranz on 18th Dec' 14Reply

    i want to change my mobile network to docomo what are the offers available for me
    circle Chennai(Tamil nadu)

  8. hydkhalid on 7th Dec' 14Reply

    i have submitted the documents in docomo outlet till now my number not portin to tata docomo cdma

    • TelecomDiary on 9th Dec' 14Reply

      Hello Khalid,

      Have you contacted Docomo customer care to know the current status?
      From which state you are?

  9. neeraj arya on 23rd Nov' 14Reply

    i was submit my id/address proof to retailer on 15.11.14 and receive a sms from docomo on 17.11.14 to confirm ed MNP. But today 22.11.14 my mobile number 9977704041 not ported to docomo. What i do?

    • TelecomDiary on 24th Nov' 14Reply

      Hello Neeraj,

      Talk to DoCoMo customer care to know the status.

  10. prabu1953 on 1st Nov' 14Reply

    I am using ph 9384093850 i sent port request today evenign 1.11.2014 arround 5pm for AIRCEL., i have finished formaliteis, but after some time i got sms from docomo my port request is failed due to balance due of Rs.91/- so immdly paid the Rs.100/- today itself, i wish to know when my port request will be sent to AIRCEL

    Awaiting fr your replysoon.

  11. sri on 12th Oct' 14Reply

    Hi i sent port request 1900 for tata docomo have not received code can i send again to 1900

    • TelecomDiary on 13th Oct' 14Reply

      Hello Sri,

      You can resend the request, meanwhile you can call customer-care and get assistance as well.

  12. chathurdevi on 1st Oct' 14Reply

    hi, i ported number from docomo to bsnl. but now im facing lots of difficulties with bsnl. can i again change my number to docomo? or should i have get new number from docomo?

    • TelecomDiary on 4th Oct' 14Reply

      Hello Chaturdevi,

      You can port back to BSNL after 90 days.

    • ananth on 26th Nov' 14Reply

      8807535031 pls contact ths no

  13. Dinesh K on 8th Sep' 14Reply

    I have ported a sim from BSNL to docomo.It is successfully ported but I am not able to call any number even to 59059. It is showing number is wrong for all my numbers. I have ported the sim in MP and within 7 days I am now in Gujarat.so is this the problem? I have talked to customer care but they are not responding properly.It had irritated me…what to do now ????

    • TelecomDiary on 19th Sep' 14Reply

      Hello Dinesh,

      As a basic, first see if you have sufficient balance to call as you are in roaming now, considering BSNL balance will not carried to DoCoMo during number porting.

    • Ajay Goyat on 25th Nov' 14Reply

      this is compulsion you have to activate means verifie your address profe by calling 59059 in your area means in Montreal only

      • TelecomDiary on 26th Nov' 14Reply

        Hello Ajay,

        Yes, you have to.

  14. Satish on 22nd Aug' 14Reply

    Hello All,

    I request you all not to be cheated like me by false promises by Docomo. There network and service is really bad compared to other service providers.

    But network coverage is making me to change to others..

  15. Santosh on 20th Aug' 14Reply

    Hi could you please help me.
    i am from Bangalore, Currently i am Using Tata Docomo 1 Postpaid & 1 Prepaid Tata Indicom. But postpaid sim is a GSM & Prepaid is CDMA, now i wanted to convert it from CDMA to GSM, But now the tata docomo executive says they are porting only for Postpaid, i am already using one postpaid, getting another postpaid is waste for me and its Burden also.
    Let me know what can i do Now ?


    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Aug' 14Reply

      Hello Santosh,

      Whether you are Postpaid or Prepaid customer, you have all rights to use MNP service. All possibilities to port from GSM-CDMA, GSM-GSM, CDMA-CDMA or CDMA-GSM is possible.
      Talk to Sunitha George from Tata DoCoMo at 9036000121, for further help.

  16. raman on 26th Jul' 14Reply

    hi.. I am from Mohali Punjab.. recently I requested for pot facility from Vodafone to tata.. after getting upc I submitted all my docs to tata outlet and also received a sim from them.. but its been more than one week I have not received any message from them and also I visited the same outlet again and again , they just replied they cant do anything.. when I had word with tata customer care they said they have not received any request for port.. don’t want to loose this number due to business purpose.. please let me know what to do

    • TelecomDiary on 14th Aug' 14Reply

      Hello Raman,

      Since Vodafone has not released your number for porting, contact Mr. Vikram Bains from Vodafone – Punjab at 09888098880 for further help.

  17. sandeep on 6th Jun' 14Reply


  18. kiran on 13th Apr' 14Reply

    hi sir, i am using Reliance GSM and nt happy with it so wanted to port to TATA DOCOMO. i completed all formalities and registered successful to MNP but after 5 days i got message that MNP is rejected by service provider.

    Help me i wanna port to docomo.

    mobile : 9738403618
    UPC : valid till april 17th.

    • TelecomDiary on 14th Apr' 14Reply
      • brijesh sharma on 19th May' 14Reply

        sir i m very trouble with tata docomo network & i applied it with my documents in reliance network on 1 may2014 it can’t port till now so please port it my no is 8854856521

  19. se on 4th Mar' 14Reply


    I am using the TATA Docomo( taken on post paid and later conver to pre paid) at Hyderabad circle and now moving to chennai. Can I use the same numbef at TATA Docomo chennai circle ?

    What is the process , if it is possible.



    • TelecomDiary on 7th Mar' 14Reply

      Hello Swain,

      AS of now, inter-state mobile number portability is not possible.

  20. ashok on 26th Feb' 14Reply

    i am using vodafone prepaid.
    now i want change tatadocomo postpaid ,how much i need to pay and i want 3G SERVICE FOR 1GB PER MONTH.

    • TelecomDiary on 28th Feb' 14Reply

      Hello Ashok,

      Tata DoCoMo may charge maximum of Rs. 19/- for porting or nothing.

  21. ANURAG YADAV on 9th Feb' 14Reply

    mujhe apne no. ko vodafone me change krna hai to mai online kaise kru….
    & mera no. 9208406223 hai

    • TelecomDiary on 28th Feb' 14Reply

      Hello Anurag,

      Mobile portability online mein nahi hoga.
      Iska process (MNP Process) padiye aur f0llow karo.

  22. sivakumar on 29th Jan' 14Reply

    I would like to change tata photon plus post paid to BSNL.. Can you give me the propper way?

    • TelecomDiary on 26th Feb' 14Reply

      Portability is valid for mobile connections only.

  23. pranav on 23rd Jan' 14Reply

    PlsI recharged my sim with rs 251 and got 1gb internet and full talktime. I used my internet and switched off my phone for a while when i switched it on and checked my balance. It was rs 0.04 instead of rs 588 which was before switching it off so i called the customer care and they refundedme rs 100 and promised me full refund in 24 hrs
    My balance was not refunded in 24 hrs and then i called customer care again and then they refused to refund the balance and when i asled the reason they were blank and cut my call. this thing happened many times. If i calculate my previous non sense deductions it will sum up to rs1000. Please tell me whom should i contact for unfair deduction my sim is of tata docomo

    • TelecomDiary on 24th Jan' 14Reply

      Hello Pranav,

      From which state you are?

  24. Vino on 21st Jan' 14Reply

    Hi I can’t sent outgoing SMS to any number. Even too 1900 to get MNP. Then how can I get MNP number ?

    • TelecomDiary on 24th Jan' 14Reply

      Hello Vino,

      Talk to your customer care to get solution for sending SMS and then proceed with MNP.

  25. shubham on 13th Dec' 13Reply

    i am from mumbai and requested for mnp from reliance to taata docomo then how can i check mnp satatus

    • TelecomDiary on 14th Dec' 13Reply

      Hello Shubham,

      You have to contact Tata Docomo customer care to know the porting status.

  26. pragati on 5th Dec' 13Reply

    I want to port my airtel number to docomo. Plz tell me procedure so dat i can follow

  27. Mahendra on 4th Dec' 13Reply

    I am porting from airtel to docomo, form filled on 7th nov to retailer. last sms from docomo on 22nd nov. saying that my MNP request was registered successfully, but till today nothing done, yet to port.
    called both customer cares, airtel says ball is in the docomos court and docomo says ask retailer, retailer says call docomo customer care

    • TelecomDiary on 5th Dec' 13Reply

      Hello Mahendra,

      Follow the MNP Guidelines or better porting experience.

  28. sharath.n on 13th Nov' 13Reply

    sir, i switched from reliance gsm to docomo. my no. is 7899860125 n i m from mysore…….

    befor porting they said u will get daily 100sms and call rite at 1/2ps …..but in my sim there is no offer like that

    • TelecomDiary on 1st Dec' 13Reply

      Hello Sharath,

      Better talk to Tata Docomo customer care to resolve this issue.

  29. Balu on 6th Nov' 13Reply

    hi i have to port my docomo number to vodafone, how ling time it will take to get a vodafone sim

    • TelecomDiary on 20th Nov' 13Reply

      Hello Balu,

      You will get the SIM immediately after filling the MNP application form; but MNP process will take 7 working days to activate ported SIM.
      Follow the MNP Checklist.

  30. Angad on 23rd Oct' 13Reply

    Is there a possibility of porting DOCOMO Punjab to BSNL/Airtel Delhi?

    • TelecomDiary on 28th Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Angad,

      As of today, Inter-State portability is not possible; but very soon it will be available as per TRAI’s initiative.

      • Angad on 8th Nov' 13Reply

        Thanks a lot for the info.

  31. Sujith on 14th Oct' 13Reply

    I purchased a Tata Docomo Netsetter which is a post paid service. I want to port to some other service providers who is having 3G. But when I send the porting message, it says ‘check operator services’.

    • TelecomDiary on 22nd Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Sujith,

      Porting is for mobile numbers only.

  32. manish j jethva on 11th Oct' 13Reply

    dear tata docomo
    here i am use to vodafone at since last5 year but near about 10 day i am suro to change to post paid to pre paid conetion in last 10 days
    so my question is this can is it possible from vodafone to tata docomo conection my portibility number is VG 119984 my vodafone network is 09909009971 pls give me possitive reply must

    • TelecomDiary on 22nd Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Manish,

      Have you contacted Tata Docomo customer care by phone?

  33. Sunny on 6th Oct' 13Reply

    recently we asked for porting code and received , but when we gave it t near retailer they sy that they contacted vodafone and tell that they say portig code is not valid

  34. Kirtija on 29th Sep' 13Reply

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    I switched from tata Docomo(Mumbai) to vodafone through mnp last week and i received that conformation message. on 28.9.13 (yesterday) service of both the Cards has been Stopped.
    when does Vodafone service will Start??

    • TelecomDiary on 18th Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Kirtija,

      There should be no delay in start of Vodafone services.

  35. Mr.Surinder Singh on 24th Sep' 13Reply

    Hello Sir plz,Help me my tata docomo number MNP send 1900 requset but not reply code no.

  36. rahul on 15th Sep' 13Reply

    Sir, I didnot wished to change from tata docomo but no network in hazira ,surat forced me to change it .

  37. Kunal Pimpalkar on 6th Sep' 13Reply

    Hi There,
    I am get frusted using TATA DOCOMO GSM…NO range at all..3G is running like GPRS in wellknown area’s also where other operators are working very fine…pls let me know MNP process (TO Vodaphone)to get rid of it.

  38. arun on 25th Aug' 13Reply

    I want to change my network from tata docomo to vodafone . can you just let me know the procedure for the same.

  39. AKSHAY on 20th Aug' 13Reply

    hello sir i am akshay i wish to change my mobile network from idea to any other mobile network company,can do you suggest me best mobile network company plzzzz….

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      Hello Akshay,

      We cannot help you in this regard.
      Talk to your friends.

  40. Kartik on 17th Aug' 13Reply

    I Am Kartik Soni,

    I have Already 50 time submit Network Complaint but not response by TATA DOCOMO.

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      Hello Karthik,

      From which state you are?

  41. Shabbir on 13th Aug' 13Reply

    I have applied for MNP from Reliance CDMA Prepaid to Tata Docomo…. but i ve been said that I cannot go for Prepaid, instead it will be done Postpaid, that also for 90 days… earlier I had done porting for another number to docomo and it was postpaid for only 30 days…. so why now 90 days …..

    • TelecomDiary on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

      Hello Shabbir,

      1) Porting to prepaid is possible.
      2) Now it is 90 days only.

  42. Mark on 31st Jul' 13Reply

    MY NO IS 8095143420

  43. sushil on 27th Jul' 13Reply

    i have applied to port from tata docomo to uninor a week ago.my porting code is te964769 and my mobile no is 8052792250.but still i have not been switched to uninor. my step3 for mnp is not completed.

  44. Abhishek Magar on 20th Jul' 13Reply

    i want to my docomo service to airtel becoz the service too much bad specially network and internet service i have been suffering since 2 yrs i’m fed up of this

  45. karthikeyan on 11th Jul' 13Reply

    i have applied to port from tata docomo to reliance 5 days before. I want to stop it now. What should i do

    • TelecomDiary on 13th Jul' 13Reply

      Hello Karthikeyan,

      Talk to your customer care and request for porting cancellation.

  46. REENA on 1st Jul' 13Reply

    Sir, i make a call to cutomer care excutive on 1/07/2013 and tell my problem then he said to call after half an hour again due to system error. Then whenever i call to customer executive the only one thing is there “all the customer executive are busy in attending other call”

    • TelecomDiary on 3rd Jul' 13Reply

      Hello Reena,

      If its related to DND, try calling 1909 from your mobile number.

  47. Nipun Sharma on 27th Jun' 13Reply

    Its almost 15 days now i have filled up the request of number portability to vodafone which is not yet done and neither i got any message from docomo about the same ..conforming about the number port request

    Please help,

  48. sachin kumar on 26th Jun' 13Reply

    I from Delhi/NCR ,i have a Aircel sim card post paid no but its gave me very poor network plz help and gave me proper network plz i am port Vodafone network

  49. karthick on 23rd Jun' 13Reply

    i was ported to docomo from vodafone last year and presently i need to switch vodafone but from docomo they aren’t accepting to move . i have given several times mnp to vodafone they take request and result will be failed .

    • TelecomDiary on 13th Jul' 13Reply

      Hello Karthick,

      Is DoCoMo not accepting your MNP request?
      From which state you are? Have you referred to MNP Checklist?

      • karthick on 14th Jul' 13Reply

        hello sir,
        yes because i have submitted application(mnp request) over three times via vodafone but still there is no response from tata docomo.
        city -Chennai ph 9884085016
        thanks in advance

        • TelecomDiary on 16th Aug' 13Reply

          Hello Karthick,

          Talk to Mr. Madhan S – Vodafone at 9884098844.

  50. saikumar on 21st Jun' 13Reply


  51. vincent on 20th Jun' 13Reply

    The services were good in tata docomo.But I am changing to aircel only because of free roaming service.If docomo can provide me the offer I will stick with docomo itself.My number is 7200426145.Let me know as soon as possible.

  52. BHUSHAN on 18th Jun' 13Reply


  53. zabi on 14th Jun' 13Reply

    i have tata docomo number. i port this number to Airtel . how iam port this no.please tel me

  54. ZAKIR HUSSAIN LASKAR on 6th Jun' 13Reply


    • TelecomDiary on 7th Jun' 13Reply

      Hello Zakir,

      You have to contact the customer care of your choice mobile operator or visit their office / any retailer for porting.

  55. tamannna on 5th Jun' 13Reply

    I ported in to docomo and there is no network since 24 hours. My connection is from maharastra circle. Please help

    • TelecomDiary on 6th Jun' 13Reply

      Hello Tamanna,

      Have you tried reaching the Docomo customer care from other telephones?

  56. Suman Sinha Roy on 4th Jun' 13Reply

    I want to port out from Tata Docomo post paid service to Vodafone for 9233365783 since the service in westbengal will be withdrawn in july’13. please let me know the status.

  57. bhyrappaji on 2nd Jun' 13Reply

    my no is 9242449938, i submitted records and PIN no to porting docomo from bsnl on 28th may 2013, but no proccess found still now, what happened my porting status to docomo from bsnl

    • TelecomDiary on 6th Jun' 13Reply

      Hello Bhyappaji,

      First, verify the MNP Checklist.
      Second, have tried getting porting status from Docomo customer care?

  58. Ajay Malviya on 20th May' 13Reply


    I ported my Reliance CDMA number to TATA DOCOMO before 15days, Service has been started to Docomo number (9353002371) but still m not able to get incoming call on my Docomo SIM,
    To get incoming call I need to switch on my Reliance CDMA number also, I also complain about this to customor care of both reliance and CDMA operator but still didn’t get any effective reply.,

  59. Bhushan on 18th May' 13Reply

    I want to port my CDMA (tata indicom) prepaid number to prepaid GSM (tata docomo).
    The store person said CDMA to GSM prepaid portability is not available.
    Only option provided to me was convert to tata indicom postpaid and then after 3 months port to tata docomo postpaid.
    Please suggest me a faster alternative to switch to prepaid tata docomo.

    • TelecomDiary on 6th Jun' 13Reply

      Hello Bhushan,

      Prepaid CDMA to Prepaid GSM porting is possible.
      Visit any official Docomo office, they will help you.

  60. vignesh on 27th Apr' 13Reply


    I have initiated for mobile number portability from Tata Dokomo to Vodafone.
    My dokomo numbers are

    1) 7411407364
    2) 8123904948

    I recieved a call from dokomo customer care after that and they asked me about the issue.
    I told him my problem is that, everytime dokomo(i.e Tata dokomo ) taking 30 Rs immediately after my Recharge with two numbers.
    I think cheating others money everytime makes Dokomo happy. I lost nearly 1000 Rs everytime i recharge for my two nos.

    I am fed up and frustrated, nearly my BP got raised.

    So i am asking professionally, please allow the portability of my nos from dokomo to Vodafone. Don’t block the process. I am afraid that you will block the process by some means, because I have
    invested my money for portability.

    Don’t take my money this time. Allow it please. Don’t block it.

    • TelecomDiary on 1st May' 13Reply

      Hello Vignesh,

      You can get due assistance from Mr. Suresh Kumar L – Tata Tele-services at 9036000121.

  61. Girish on 18th Apr' 13Reply

    hi ,
    I made port request on (01-april-2013), got UPC, got acknowledgement ,but still docomo is not relieved me ,still i m getting docomo network,
    DOCOMO customer care is not responding properly
    some one plz help me to port from docomo to airtel

    • TelecomDiary on 26th Apr' 13Reply

      Hello Girish,

      Refer to the MNP Checklist, to have no string left with DoCoMo.

  62. Girish on 18th Apr' 13Reply

    hi ,
    I made port request on (01-april-2013), got UPC, got acknowledgement ,but still docomo is not relieved me ,still i m getting docomo network,
    DOCOMO customer care is not responding properly
    some one plz help me to port from docomo to airtel

    • TelecomDiary on 26th Apr' 13Reply

      Hello Girish,

      Refer to the MNP Checklist, to have no string left with DoCoMo.

  63. Sanghamitra Sarkar on 11th Apr' 13Reply

    I made port request, got UPC, got acknowledgement, but not getting confirmation of port out request sucessful from TATA DOCOMO. This is disappoining. Please do the needful.

    • TelecomDiary on 14th Apr' 13Reply

      Hello Sanghamitra,

      Have you followed MNP Guidelines?
      From which state you are?

  64. rishi on 6th Apr' 13Reply

    hello sir…
    i want to port tata docomo number. i already sms PORT 7417****** and send 1900. i get unique code. but not port in vodafone in 10 days. i asked from voda care, he replied that your port request canceled. because problem is contractual obligation. i m asking that what a problem.
    what is contractual obligation. and what’s my sol.
    please help me. what can i do.

    • TelecomDiary on 8th Apr' 13Reply

      Hello Rishi,

      Refer to MNP Guidelines.
      There are many possibilities for MNP rejection.

  65. JADHAV D D on 25th Mar' 13Reply

    I am( jadhav d d 8237056042 from pune maharashtra) docomo customer since frome last 2 years and my billing cycle is changed automatically. I call to customer care and they told we will solve your problem in 72 hours and problem is no solved. but they send me two bills for month feb 2013 and cut my outgoing before regular due date.
    please give my old billing cycle & restore my service.

    • Telecom Diary on 29th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Jadhav,

      You can get due assistance from Ms. Suguna Shetty – Docomo at 9029009028.

      • JADHAV D D on 13th Apr' 13Reply

        please give us correct no.

        • TelecomDiary on 14th Apr' 13Reply

          Hello Jadhav,

          Can you try reaching Mr. Sujeet Savargaokar – Docomo at 020-66005550.

          • JADHAV D D on 16th Apr' 13

            here not received any call

          • JADHAV D D on 16th Apr' 13

            bajane do ghanti

  66. OMPRAKASH SINGH on 16th Mar' 13Reply

    My mobile number is 8434150105. I raised request to PORT OUT from MTS and request Tata Docomo for PORT IN (YB351337). This request was supposed to be closed by 23RD
    march 2013

    Since that day… everytime I’m following with DOCOMO customer care/nodal officers. Tata Docomo customer care executives and nodal officers (Sreelatha, Kamala and Prashanth) say “They have escalated the issue to the concerned team, its progress and takes 24hrs”.

  67. vikash raj on 6th Mar' 13Reply

    sir my name is vikash raj. i am using tatadocomo number and now i want to port it on aircel, but i don’t know that this tata docomo number is resitered to which name and address. so i requested to u that you tell me the process how to port it on aircel number……..

    • Telecom Diary on 6th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Vikas raj,

      Visit any nearest Tata Docomo office, they will help you with the above information.

  68. ismath on 26th Feb' 13Reply

    request for port 4m aircel to docomo still nt done my n0 is 8892255807 pls do the needful

    • Telecom Diary on 6th Mar' 13Reply

      Hello Ismath,

      Contact your customer care.

  69. Pradeep Pathak on 22nd Feb' 13Reply

    My name is Pradeep….i requested to change my number from tata docomo to airtel….my number is 8093330879…and my UPC is TO636797 which is valid till 27th feb…….i have done all the formalities and i have received a message from airtel saying that they have received my request and it is processed….but 5 days are passed ant till now i have not got any message and my number is also not ported to airtel………so can i know the reason of delay…….

  70. mohammed ismath on 15th Feb' 13Reply

    sir i have requested for mnp 4m aircel 2 docomo on 24 jan 2013 and i recieved msg 4m docomo on 31 jan 2013 request 4r mnp registered successfully no 10548998 but still i have nt got the docomo connection

    • Telecom Diary on 16th Feb' 13Reply

      Hello Mohammed,

      Is your Aircel SIM still active?

      • mahammed ismath on 19th Feb' 13Reply

        sir yes and my aircel no is 8892255807 pls mnp it to docomo bcoz i m nt able to get range in mangalore and i have lost lot of business due to this

        • Telecom Diary on 20th Feb' 13Reply

          Hello Ismath,

          Mr. Alex Mendes from Aircel – Karnataka can help you.
          Reach him at 9738199010.

          • mahammed ismath on 26th Feb' 13

            mendes no is always off pls help me to mnp my aircel no to docomo i had given the request on 26 jan still it is nt done ;;;; 8892255807

          • mohammed ismath on 4th Mar' 13

            dear alex i had called u and requested u regarding mnp 4m aircel to docomo pls do the needful

  71. pardeep kumar on 14th Feb' 13Reply

    sir my unique port id is TH447618 nd i have received this on 7 feb bt till my new no is not working which is vodafone sim

    • Telecom Diary on 18th Feb' 13Reply

      Hello Pardeep,

      Have you applied with any new mobile operator, using above UPC?

  72. Sharath on 14th Feb' 13Reply

    I am sharath from hyderabad . I ported my service from airtel to docomo,and now recently am facing a wierd problem that is when ever i tried to recharge my mobile through top-up vouchers or easy recharge it’s not getting done, and more over am getting a service message that “This card cannot be used.Please contact customer care”. I have given complaint to many of your customer representatives but no use…can you please resolve this problem. Thanks in advance..:)

    • Telecom Diary on 18th Feb' 13Reply

      Hello Sharath,

      Try getting help from Mr. Dheeraj Chathlani – Tata Docomo at 9030000121.

  73. deepak on 12th Feb' 13Reply

    hello sir i wanna port my aircel no. to TATA DOCOMO but after 10 days still facing problem..my no 9034508013

  74. Minal on 9th Feb' 13Reply

    Poor network and no message card available. Fed up

  75. Shabir Ahmad Ashai on 6th Feb' 13Reply

    Hi All,

    I had CDMA cell of Tata. Since Tata has stopped service in J&K now I want to shift to BSNL network.
    My cell is not working now. I want to keep same mobile no. mentioned below. Plz help.
    Mr. Shabir Ahmad Ashai

  76. Abhishek on 2nd Feb' 13Reply

    I have two loop numbers if i port ithem into tata docmo can i talk free with this two num sms free for the same if yes let me know

    • Telecom Diary on 3rd Feb' 13Reply

      Hello Abhishek,

      Check with Tata Docomo customer care or their website for offers.

  77. Naveen Bajjuri on 23rd Jan' 13Reply

    sir, i buyed a tata docomo number from my friend….now i want to change his proofs as my proofs how can i and what i required

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Naveen,

      Visit any Tata Docomo office and do the ownership transfer by submitting your documents.
      We hope, your friend also needs to visit along with you, check with your customer care.

  78. Gracefully Shabong on 19th Jan' 13Reply

    I’m unable to port my number to other network operator within a given specific time i.e., before the 18th of January, 2013. Kinly allow me to port my number after this given date. My number is +919206128968.

    • Telecom Diary on 20th Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Shabong,

      If you are talking about the UPC validity expired on 18/01/13, get an another code.

  79. abhinav on 16th Jan' 13Reply

    i have heard that it is mandatory to have first 3 months as a postpaid connection if switching to DOCOMO.
    I know its mandatory to have a new connection for 90 days, but is it for both pre/post-paid
    I live in pune and currently using airtel network.
    I am afraid, as per the reviews I receivedfrom many years, Docomo has one of the least Network Coverage in Pune and everywhere in India, is DOCOMO working on that?

  80. Sîzzlïñg Gæl Pøöjå on 4th Jan' 13Reply

    i want to port my idea number to tata docomo. so please tell me that can i fill the Coustamer application form through online

    • Telecom Diary on 4th Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Pooja,

      Porting can not be done online and an executive from Tata Docomo can help you on this.
      Call 1800-266-0000 and have an executive visit you.

  81. Bharti on 4th Jan' 13Reply

    i want to convert my tata docomo to airtel wht should i do…

    • Telecom Diary on 4th Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Bharti,

      Follow the MNP Guidelines and you will be able to port from Tata Docomo to Airtel.

  82. Kumar on 2nd Jan' 13Reply


    It’s really very bad network. Where ever u go there is no network with tata documo. and coming to the customer care service it’s really really bad. They don’t how to speak with customers and also they don’t know what ans they has to give for the customer questions.
    and coming to the docomo service it’s really worst because when i recharge with more than 150 or 200 what ever immediately they will debit 110 RS from my account and again i have 2 call to the customer care and i have to request them to re back my amount is it required to beg them every time i am recharging with my amount not their amount. Still they could not give fill amount witch debited frm my account 10 RS should be less.
    If i ask why this happening again and again they will replay some service charges they don’t wht are all the service charges but service charges if i ask again and again they will get angry.

    every time i have 2 call and vesting of my time its not good , Its very very bad .. bad bad bad network..

    I need your replay about my above comment.

    Thank You

    • Telecom Diary on 3rd Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Kumar,

      From which state you are?

  83. zahid on 23rd Dec' 12Reply

    hello sir,
    i want to get my number ported from vodafone to tata docomo in karnatka,i want to know dat is dere any facility dat da coustomer care of tata docomo come to us nd get the document to get port

    • Telecom Diary on 4th Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Zahid,

      Yes, Tata Docomo executive will visit your place for a new connection out of mobile porting from Vodafone, if you are going for Postpaid only.
      Call 1800-266-0000 for a Tata Dococmo postpaid subscription.

  84. sasi on 12th Dec' 12Reply

    I requested a month befor and am yet to recive rply ma no is 72.4314217

    please so this as early as possiable

    • Telecom Diary on 12th Dec' 12Reply

      Hello Sasi,

      Can you expalin in deatail? What have you requested a month ago/ What have you done?

      Like us @ Facebook

  85. Vaibhav on 1st Dec' 12Reply


    I have met all the requirements for porting my mobile number as per your guidelines. It is more than 7 days now. I have enquired to TATA DOCOMO Customer care about this; they say that case is still open. Now when should i expect this to get done?

    • Telecom Diary on 2nd Dec' 12Reply

      Hello Vaibhav,

      From which state you are?

      • Vaibhav on 3rd Dec' 12Reply


        I am from Maharashtra.

        • Telecom Diary on 4th Dec' 12Reply

          Hello Vaibhav,

          Talk to Ms. Shuguna Shetty from Tata DoCoMo at 9029009028.

  86. Vaibhav on 28th Nov' 12Reply

    I am Vaibhav. I have made request to PORT my mobile number from DOCOMO to VODAFONE on 22nd Nov 2012.
    But till date I have not received any confirmation from DOCOMO. How long does it take to PORT the number to new operator ? I want to know the status of my request.

    The unique PORT number generated is :: TZ622582

    • Telecom Diary on 1st Dec' 12Reply

      Hello Vaibhav,

      Porting process will take not longer than 7 days, if you follow MNP Guidelines without fail.

  87. Vinil on 19th Nov' 12Reply

    I simply wants to switch to Aircel from docomo. Is it required to change SIM as well?

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Nov' 12Reply

      Hello Vinil,

      Yes, you have to.

  88. nishu on 16th Nov' 12Reply

    Please do not use Docome service as it doen’t have network in every area and customer care service also not good. They will never respond to your querry properly and call charges also they are charging 62 paisa for one min…My request is please do not go forward to use Docomo service….very bad poor service among other networks.

  89. SHIV on 15th Nov' 12Reply


    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Nov' 12Reply

      Hello Shiv,

      As many times with 6 months break. All the best.

  90. Avanindra Pandey on 9th Nov' 12Reply

    Dear Sir / Madam
    I have ported from Reliance GSM to Tata Docomo on Oct 13 and also taken a new no in a family group plan but I am facing network problem on both of my numbers. I complained to tata docomo and they are saying that my mobile using location is 600 mtrs far from their tower. It problem will be resolve in future. Please suggest me can i port out before 90 days on base of above problem?

    • Telecom Diary on 11th Nov' 12Reply

      Hello Avanindra,

      Whatever the problem, you can not port before 90 days.

  91. Rajvardhan on 5th Nov' 12Reply

    sir hoe to do the port from docomo to voda in tumkur karnataka when there is no voda stores here. where to submitt the documents and fill the form? plz help

    • Telecom Diary on 11th Nov' 12Reply

      Hello Rajvardhan,

      Below the Vodafone Store location in Tumkur:-

      Vodafone Store, Bhayravao Towers, Ground Floor, Opposite Chethana School, BH Road, Batwadi, Tumakuru-572103

  92. Shyam Suthar on 3rd Nov' 12Reply

    Hellow Sir,

    I am shyam Suthar From Ahmadabad, Gujarat but i spend most of time at Rajasthan and i want to MNP from Vodafone to Tata Docomo But could u please tell me how is network service of docomo in sirohi rajastha and also let me know the internet service of docomo at all over …

    My mobile number is 9016585504

  93. suraj on 2nd Nov' 12Reply

    if i am porting to other network……..they will provide me the new plan or the same plan..?????

    • Telecom Diary on 3rd Nov' 12Reply

      Hello Suraj,

      If your port to another network, you will have to choose from your new operators plans.

  94. Preetesh on 24th Oct' 12Reply

    Dear Sir,

    few days before i port my no from docomo to reliance & i succeded on this but unable to recharge my no. neither its recharging on docomo nor on reliance please help

    • Telecom Diary on 26th Oct' 12Reply

      Hello Preetesh,

      Best place to get help on this issue is your customer care.

  95. Shantaram on 18th Oct' 12Reply

    I am from Mumbai and from last some days i am not getting proper network. Frequently network connection disturb. My number is – 9029469195 plz help.

    • Telecom Diary on 26th Oct' 12Reply

      Hello Shantaram,

      Talk to Meenal Iyer – Tata Docomo at 9029009028.

  96. pankaj joshi on 13th Oct' 12Reply

    i fill form of bsnl caf form on 10/10/12 but still i am not recieve acknowledgement sms from +1901 my docomo mobile no. 9314418542.
    pankaj joshi

    • Telecom Diary on 13th Oct' 12Reply

      Hello Pankaj,

      Talk to BSNL customer care to get further information.

  97. Goutham on 8th Oct' 12Reply

    What is the latest offer for MNP to Docomo??

  98. Abhishek on 7th Oct' 12Reply

    docomo netwrk is pathetic.. whenever i connect it to internt i loses its netwrk n shows no netwrk coverage n sum tyms it disconected in every 2 to 3 seconds… what shud i do…??? pls suggest me…

    • Telecom Diary on 12th Oct' 12Reply

      Hello Abhishek,

      Two options; 1) Share this feedback to Docomo and hope for the better network. 2) Find other operator with better network and port with MNP.

  99. SK MAKSUD on 7th Oct' 12Reply

    My mobile No. 8013318432, W.B. (Kolkata). I want to switch from Aircel to Tatadocomo. Will you please inform me Tatadocomo Shop in Kolkata PIN Code No. 700016 or 700017 or 700071.

    • Telecom Diary on 12th Oct' 12Reply

      Tata DOCOMO Exclusive Brand Store
      Chowringhee, Everest House 46C, -Chowringhee, Everest House, Kolkata. Pincode : 700071
      Contact : 3364515503

  100. sathish kumar on 6th Oct' 12Reply

    i want to port my mobile network from airtel to docomo ,can u advice me how to process..

  101. M. Mohan on 6th Oct' 12Reply

    Dear sir,
    Mohan Kasula From BIT-Mesra, Recently I have converted network from Reliance to TATA DOCOMO because reliance without my permission activating stupid things, in tata docom I didn’t face this problem but I am facing very much network problem. Few of my friends suggested CDMA TATA Indicom’s is covering good network than docomo. I want to port from TATA DOCOMO to CDMA TATA INDICOM could you please suggest me is there any way to do this? my phone number is 9693025659.
    Thank you
    K. Mohan

  102. bipin on 3rd Oct' 12Reply

    sir my name is bipin i have ported my no. 8123464192 tatadocomo to aircel how many days does this take to get ported??

  103. Akash on 3rd Oct' 12Reply

    Wrong website. :) Was looking for port out option, found it in Airtel website.

  104. kishore varma on 25th Sep' 12Reply

    sir i want to port my airtel number to docomo plz give me some assistence to do it

  105. Mohit Mishra on 13th Sep' 12Reply

    I applied for MNP around a couple of weeks ago from docomo to vodafone, which hasn’t been successful yet. How can I know about the progress of the MNP? And exactly when will it be done?

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Sep' 12Reply

      Hello Mohit Mishra,

      Best one to answer you is Vodafone customer care.

  106. parveen kumar on 31st Aug' 12Reply

    dear sir

    A few month ago i have ported my mo. no. 9896509907 airtel to tata docomo. but i have face many problems in few day ago. my balance has been deduct without any reason. I had complained to customer care but i can not receive any help.

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Sep' 12Reply

      Hello Parveen Kumar,

      Talk to Airtel Nodal officer @ 0180-4035835.

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Sep' 12Reply

      Hello Parveen Kumar,

      Talk to Airtel Nodal officer @ 0180-4035835.

  107. Pratik on 28th Aug' 12Reply

    hi i am pratik
    i have ported from vodafone to tata docomo i am facing network problem my number is 9769954842.i have another sim of tata docomo which is of thane distric in that i am gettin the network properly.please suggest me is there any problem if we do the porting.

  108. priya on 16th Aug' 12Reply

    hi, as i had done online recharge from tatadocomo online recharge website…and i found still my balance has not got credited yet… even they have deducted Rs 50 from my HDFC account… and even i have received the msg from the bank..so i had called the customer care.. but i did not get any positive response from them… and from last few days m charged for msg’s and calls.. as before i was having free msg’s… so i would like u to refund it back to me…. even m thinking to port my number to other network.. as m not satisfied with ur services…. thank u…

  109. Khan on 30th Jul' 12Reply

    Hi, I received the msg the that my port request is successfully registered, but again i receive one more msg states tht ” Your prot request for mobile no 8147xxxxx to TATA tele has been forwarded to your service provider for approval. So kindly let me how many days still i have to wait it is already 5 days…

    • Telecom Diary on 30th Jul' 12Reply

      Hello Khan,

      Your porting request is in the process, ideally it will take 7 days to complete the process.

  110. Joseph Jose on 23rd Jul' 12Reply

    Sir ,
    I want to change my connection from docomo to vodafone,I already filled the CAF .After four days i got a messege from vodafone stating that my porting request is approved by the current operator.
    but i didn’t got any messege from +1901.is there any problem with that?And the docomo isn’t sent any messege to me.I filled the CAf in 19th july 2012.
    Can i hope the process will complete within 3 days ie 26 july 2012

    • Telecom Diary on 24th Jul' 12Reply

      Hello Joseph Jose,

      Your porting request has been approved by Docomo and it has to be proccessed.
      Once it is processed, your current opeartors services will be blocked and you can start using your new operators SIM (Vodafone).

      Read MNP procedure.

  111. Manohar on 23rd Jul' 12Reply

    I kave follow this procedure
    I am from Maharashtra Pune

  112. Manohar on 20th Jul' 12Reply

    Dear Sir,
    Presently I am using of TATA Indicom CDMA Phone no 9209206260, I want to port (convert) it in to Same TATA GSM service. I allredy followed the porting procedure, Port code NO TZ381699 valid upto 27-07-2012 and filled the form and all documents are given to TATA Docomo store at FC Road. Now store person said that i can come after 25/07/2012 & again fill the form and submit the document.
    Sir, this my 3rd times to submit documents and Porting code.

    Please help me………..for next procedure

  113. ABHISHEK JAIN on 18th Jul' 12Reply

    sir i am using airtel network but want to port it to docomo network because in this area airtel network are not good.. pls tell me the procedure..

  114. Ravi Sawant on 18th Jul' 12Reply

    i want mnp loop mobile to idea

  115. tanmay on 14th Jul' 12Reply

    please let me know how can i change my docomo nagpur number to vodafone mumbai number plzzzzz……..thanks

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Jul' 12Reply

      Hello Tanmay,

      As of now you cannot port your mobile number to inter-telecom circle / other telecom circle.
      But, TRAI has some plans for mobile number porting to other telecom circles / sates, you have to wait till then, if you can.

  116. jagjit on 13th Jul' 12Reply

    hello sir,yhank you so much for ur reply dated 5th july.the information u gave was useful for mr.
    plz help me out for this question also
    i wanna buy BSNL maharashtra vasai sim as they have a very good plans.i have shifted to vasai 3 months back.
    the only documents i have to buy a new sim is passport and pan card and the address on passport is of mumbai (jogeshwari).
    my question is ,can i buy a maharashtra vasai BSNL sim on my jogeshwari address which is on passport.plz help me out.thank you sir.

    • Telecom Diary on 14th Jul' 12Reply

      Hello Jagjit,

      I have already answered your here.
      For further details CellOne customer care at 9400024365.

      • jagjit on 15th Jul' 12Reply

        thank you so much sir…..ur information was useful.thank you once again.take care.

  117. Joseph on 8th Jul' 12Reply

    Normally how many days will take to change my Tata docomo to vodafone after filling the CAF aplication form.
    And when will i get new vodafone sim? After filling the CAF??

    • Telecom Diary on 8th Jul' 12Reply

      Hello Joseph,

      Ideally, the whole porting process should be completed in 7 days, if everything is okay.
      You will get Vodafone SIM after filling the Vodafone CAF, for further details refer MNP Guidelines.

  118. Naveen on 6th Jul' 12Reply

    Hi i m using tata docomo number. . I m from haryana my number is 8950496482 i want to change my no. Now i want to change it into airtel. Pls help me out how i can change it.

  119. pratik on 6th Jul' 12Reply

    hi i m from mumbai and want to port in from airtel prepaid to tata docomo prepay but the response i am getting from the store is that we will not be able to do so for another 1 month.but if i need a postpaid connection that can be done .need to port in to prepay .
    please help!!!


    • Telecom Diary on 6th Jul' 12Reply

      Hello Pratik,

      If you are with Airtel from more than 90 days, you can port to either prepaid or postpaid.
      Refer to MNP procedure before visit any DoCoMo office.

  120. jagjit on 5th Jul' 12Reply

    hello sir,m a docomo customer from past 3 years.i want to change from docomo to cellone maharashtra(vasai area).m a mumbai docomo customer so can i switch to cellone maharashtra.can u plz help me.is cellone network good in vasai(east) evershine city area…will b very thankfull if u answer to my above question..

    • Telecom Diary on 5th Jul' 12Reply

      Hello Jagjit,

      As of now, you cannot port to other telecom circles through MNP.
      However, there is a dialogue going on at TRAI, to allow this in near future.

      • jagjit on 12th Jul' 12Reply

        Thank u so much sir for ur usefull answer…thank you.yes sir one last question….i wanna buy BSNL sim card from vasa(maharashtra)i,the only document i have is passport and a pan card and the address on passport is of jogeshwari(mumbai).so i wanna ask ,can i buy BSNL sim on my mumbai address.plz help me out as have shifted to vasai.thank you sir.

        • Telecom Diary on 13th Jul' 12Reply

          Hello Jagjit,

          Unless you are subscribing to postpaid, Passport is accepted for prepaid SIM as address proof irrespective of the place issued and currently residing.

  121. hardik malaviya on 3rd Jul' 12Reply

    sir i ported my aircel no(9722045933) to tatadocomo 10 days back… till now my docomo no. has not been activated and my porting id is DG425566.. please get activated soon….

  122. prince james on 3rd Jul' 12Reply

    hello sir..
    i ve recharged an amount of 150 immediately they activated caller tune automatically.. i wanted to speak with your executive.. but there isnt any number to speak with them.. i am from hyderabad can u give me an executive number

  123. shaheer on 22nd Jun' 12Reply

    sir may i know from when the free raoming will be avail

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Shaheer,

      Sorry, we don’t have this information.

  124. bipin on 21st Jun' 12Reply

    sir i ported my airtel no(7760640417) to tatadocomo 10 days back… till now my docomo no. has not been activated and my porting id isAX484168.. please get activated soon….

    • Telecom Diary on 21st Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Bipin,

      Hope you have followed the above mentioned procedure, also refer to MNP Checklist.
      For your situation, confirm two things,
      1) You should get new SIM from DoCoMo & the old Airtel SIM should stop working.
      2) Talk to DoCoMo and get status on your MNP request.

  125. Naresh Kumar Banka on 15th Jun' 12Reply

    Hi this is Naresh,

    My mobile number is 9831966228.
    I have ported my number from Tata CDMA to Tata GSM on 5th May.
    I am not happy with the service provided by Tata GSM (DOCOMO).
    They charge me for the services i have not used and nobody response from customer care, appellette or Tata Docomo Centre.
    Please let me know when i will be able to PORT it to AIRCEL.


    • Telecom Diary on 21st Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Naresh,

      You can use porting services again on 03rd August 2012.

  126. Mohan J on 13th Jun' 12Reply

    dear sir,
    i am using tatadocomo service past 1.5yrs, till last week there was no pblm in docomo service. from last week they charging Rs.0.60 for each mesg, in the time of activation they told docomo charging 50p for 1st 2 sms/day. i am not sufficient in Call charges as well. if docomo provide best offer i will continue with d same service, else i need to portable to idea service. please help me how to make portable

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Mohan,

      Refer to Mobile Porting Checklist.

      • tarun on 28th Nov' 13Reply

        Helo sir am tarun from andhrapradesh…hw cn i portable from tatadocomo to tata indicom

  127. adarsh on 11th Jun' 12Reply

    Dear sir,I wana por my docomo number to bsnl……i sent a sms and received my code TW127332 valid upto 24-6-2012 then filled the form but they said that this code is wrong………this is hurting me .plz do the needful action immediately

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Adarsh,

      In that case, you can always get an another new UPC code by sending the same message again.
      Refer to MNP checklist.

  128. sathish on 27th May' 12Reply

    sir, now i want to change my network airtel to Tata docomo , how many charges it takes

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Sathish,

      Porting charges are normally Rs. 19/- only

  129. A.Azarudheen on 21st May' 12Reply

    Complaint Letter

    Docomo Sim User

    Respected Sir/Madam
    insert the sim into the phone tell the reason is sim card registration faild
    i already submitted the proof in 3 times.the docomo custumer is telling your sim card registration successfully.but the problem will be started in my sim 2nd problem is only coming incoming call ,out going call was not going i am calling into my friends 3 beep sound and call will be disconnected The service do not response in my problem i do not understand in the problem.so kindly request to cheak the problem into my sim and solved the problem

    I already try for the toll free number 121 but no response sir
    The custumer will be speech to another line the call will be
    Ended. I am trying the custumer care in 8 hour for the day
    But not response sir every time I am try for in my sim activation very urgent sir please kindly request for into activate in my sim I am Azarudheen my tata docomo number is 9688076312
    Thanking You
    Yours obediently

  130. manav on 15th May' 12Reply

    Hi all ,
    Please dont ever think of changing ur network to docomo they dont ve proper network coverage and dont give proper response if we contact customer care to solve any problem…., its my kind request………..


  131. Prakash on 15th May' 12Reply

    Hi i m prakash from Bangalore…, many automatic unwanted service are getting activated and deduction of charges.Have called customer care several times. but didn’t got proper response.

    • Telecom Diary on 15th May' 12Reply

      Hello Prakash,

      Just request your customer care to deactivate all value added services.

  132. bhoopender khatana kemri on 9th May' 12Reply

    sir my number 7737074892 had been lost
    i purchase my number again
    please tell me amount
    and port number of this number no is 7737074892

  133. Sam on 5th May' 12Reply


  134. Mehank Nigam on 5th May' 12Reply

    now what should i do with that Unique Porting Cpde

    • Telecom Diary on 6th May' 12Reply

      Hello Mehank,

      Call your new mobile operator and inform that you want to MNP to them.
      They will take care of rest.

  135. manish singh on 30th Apr' 12Reply

    i am user of vodafone 8874025559 before one week i submit the form and id proof on tata docomo office to port in docomo but i have not recieve any confirmation and not change my operator

    • Telecom Diary on 4th May' 12Reply

      Hello Manish Singh,

      Suggest you to read the MNP Checklist.

  136. Naomi on 27th Apr' 12Reply

    I want to change my reliance no. to tata docomo.
    but the only difficulty is i dont have id proof..
    is there any other way in which we can change our network without using id proof????

    • Telecom Diary on 28th Apr' 12Reply

      Hello Naomi,

      Not possible without ID proof.

  137. Anil a on 26th Apr' 12Reply

    hello sir….
    i am docomo customer since from last 3 year and my plan is changed automaticaaly i calle to customer care and they told we will solve yor problem in 48 hour and problem is not solved
    after that i think ihave to do porting i send the sms i get code but after some days from customer call is came and they said we will give you plan of half paisa and 100 sms free but 2 months were gone but plan is note given to me please give my plan to me my number 8050500126

  138. Amit on 22nd Apr' 12Reply

    Hello Docomo,

    Even after residing mumbai (malad eastern western highway). We have to suffer for proper network. I had done my porting from vodafone to docomo.

    Why is it so?

    Please help :)


  139. Prajakta Khule on 21st Apr' 12Reply

    automatic unwanted service activation and deduction of charges.Have called customer care several times. but didn’t got any response.

    • Telecom Diary on 4th May' 12Reply

      Hello Prajakta,

      From which state you are?

  140. Rajat madaan on 17th Apr' 12Reply

    Hello… I m Rajat… I have reliance postpaid number. I send request for port on 12 April 2012 to Tata Docomo. But now i want to cancel my request.. Please help me because reliance company have some condition so for that my number will close… And my number is 9541114000

    • Telecom Diary on 4th May' 12Reply

      Hello Rajat,

      If you have filled the MNP Porting Form and given to Tata Docomo, contact both Docomo & Reliance customer care and ask them to cancel the MNP process.

  141. Paresh on 4th Apr' 12Reply


    I want to convert my nos from Loop to TATA Docomo, But your excutive at office always says that they don`t have sim card available can you hlep in the same. I had been to your mumbai(Santacruz west Office)

    • Telecom Diary on 6th Apr' 12Reply

      Hello Paresh,

      Call 1800-266-0000 and have Tata Docomo executive to serve you at your place.

  142. mohamed irfan on 30th Mar' 12Reply

    My name is IRFAN from Banaglore .8 days back i had requested to port my mobile number from Airtel to Tata docomo post paid ….but still nothing has happen …i dont know why These service provider dont do work seriously….Lazzy

    • Telecom Diary on 31st Mar' 12Reply

      Hello Irfan,

      Have you followed up the Tata Docomo? You got any status update?

  143. Sandeep on 21st Mar' 12Reply

    hi This is sandeep

    My mobile number is 9845191175. I raised request to PORT OUT from Tata Docomo and request airtel for PORT IN (UPC: TA437268). This request was supposed to be closed by 25th
    march 2012

    Since that day… everytime I’m following with DOCOMO customer care/nodal officers. Tata Docomo customer care executives and nodal officers (Sreelatha, Kamala and Prashanth) say “They have escalated the issue to the concerned team, its progress and takes 24hrs”.

    I contacted DOCOMO customer care on monday, 18th march 2012 – They said “Issue is escalated to concerned department and would be resolved by 24hrs”
    But nothing happened
    I contacted DOCOMO customer care on tuesday, 19th march 2012 – They said “Issue is escalated to concerned department and would be resolved by 24hrs”
    Nothing happened again…..
    Got frustated and this time, I contacted DOCOMO Nodal Officer on , 20th March 2012 – She said “Sorry for the inconvinience,
    Issue is escalated to concerned department and would be resolved by 24hrs”
    nothing happened again………….

    The Point of Contact at Airtel Relationship Center, rajajinagar,bangalore says “Docomo has not yet released the services”


  144. Aakash Parmar on 15th Mar' 12Reply

    i currently use tata docomo mobile service..but i m not satisfied..so i want to number portability at other mobile service..so give me suggestion..like how can i process for MNP??
    Thank you..

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Mar' 12Reply

      Kindly follow above procedure.

  145. Mahendr on 14th Mar' 12Reply

    Mein tata docomo se port hona chahta hou lekin mera port number nahi a ra ha h massege cala jata h lekin waha se massege wapis nahi ata h krpya meri help kare dhanywad

    • Telecom Diary on 14th Mar' 12Reply

      Hello Mahendar,

      Are you sending SMS ‘PORT ’ to 1900 from your DoCoMo mobile to get Unique Porting Code?

  146. Anil R. Bhalsod on 3rd Mar' 12Reply

    DOCOMO Service Is Very Bad Service In Mobile Network & Customer Service

    No Budy Know Midel Cllase Problem.
    And No Any Solution In Genuen Rerson…………….-9898543456

  147. Gurwinder on 27th Feb' 12Reply

    I from village Dhak Mazara,Disit Jallandhar,PUNjab ,i have a tata docomo sim card but its gave me very poor network plz help and gave me proper network in my village plz

    • Telecom Diary on 29th Feb' 12Reply

      Hello Gurwinder,

      Contact Mr. Ajay Agarwal at 9041000121.

  148. arun on 19th Feb' 12Reply

    i want to port my tata docomo number to airtel. so please tell me that can i fill the Coustamer application form through online

  149. ankit pant on 18th Feb' 12Reply

    i want to port my aircel number to tata indicom(cdma).
    any charges for that or its free

    from delhi

    • Telecom Diary on 18th Feb' 12Reply

      Hello Ankit,

      Usually there is Rs. 19/- charges for Mobile number porting, but some operators waive-off this charges.
      Check with with your Mobile operator’s customer care for further details.

  150. ravi on 13th Feb' 12Reply

    I am planing to port my airtel karnataka number to docomo karnataka
    What is the best offer with roaming

  151. devendersingh on 2nd Feb' 12Reply

    sir i want to change my rajasthan tatadocomo num in delhi ncr

    • Telecom Diary on 2nd Feb' 12Reply

      Hello Devender Singh,

      As of now, it is not possible.

      • MaheshBabu on 12th Jan' 14Reply

        Hi sir I am now using docomo sim i want to change to bsnl. i can already send the massage to 1909 after this what to do i am?

  152. sanju on 29th Jan' 12Reply

    sir 1st am use vodafone am port ma sim before 3 weeks now am use aircel i want to use docomo how many days want to port ma sim(aircel) to docomo?

    • Telecom Diary on 29th Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Sanju,

      You should be a customer for at-least 90 days with a mobile operator to request for Number Porting.

  153. Remya on 5th Jan' 12Reply

    Sir/Madam, I switched from idea to tata docomo through mnp last week and since then m facing network connection problems in my office and many other areas. Now m planning to change it again to my previous service provider, Idea. How much time will it take to process? Is there any rule as regards to any timeperiod in switching again?

    • Telecom Diary on 5th Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Remya,

      Porting to mobile operator is allowed after 90 days from the mobile activation or last porting requesting processed.
      That means, you have switched to DoCoMo last week, you can only port back to Idea after completion of 83 days.

  154. saurav agarwal on 23rd Dec' 11Reply

    sir, i switched from reliance gsm to docomo. my no. is 8956609579 n i m from pune.
    how can i know my status because i haven’t yet received any confirmation message.

    • Telecom Diary on 24th Dec' 11Reply

      Hello Saurav,

      In your mobile, which SIM card is there? Reliance or DoCoMo?
      Or simply switch off your mobile and call from another number, see which operator is giving you information about mobile was switched off.
      Or call customer call and ask.
      Or try recharge online from Mobile operators website and see who is accepts the request.

  155. nilesh zambre on 25th Sep' 11Reply

    very poor network

    • deepak kumar on 23rd Sep' 12Reply

      ya very poor service of internet.
      Dats y i wanna do MNP.

  156. JASPREET KATARIA on 16th Sep' 11Reply


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