Vodafone MNP.  The process of porting Vodafone mobile number to another Mobile operator is so simple & easy. Just follow the below 4-steps simple process to port successfully:

  1. Know your Mobile Number Porting eligibility

    • Call the customer-care of the new Mobile operator you wish to port and understand their pre-requisites, documents required and terms & conditions. You can read these in their CAF (Customer Application Form) or ask their executive.
    • If you wish to port-out, fill the CAF & Porting Form. To fill these forms, you will need Unique Porting Code.
  2. Get UPC (Unique Porting Code)

    • Send SMS in below format to obtain UPC from Vodafone:
      • PORT xxxxxxxxxx to 1900. Replace X’s with your 10-digit Vodafone number.
    • If you are from Jammu & Kashmir and a pre-paid subscriber, call 1900 to get the UPC.
    • Vodafone will provide an auto generated 8 digits UPC; first two characters are alphabets & rest of six is numerical characters.
  3. Mobile Number Porting request

    • Submit the duly filled CAF & Porting Form to your new mobile operator. Below details are mandatory:
      • UPC (Unique Porting Code)
      • Documents required by your new Mobile Operator
      • Last bill paid receipt from Vodafone, if you are a post-paid subscriber
    • Get new SIM card from your new Mobile operator.
    • Your new Mobile operator may charge Rs. 19/- as porting charges.
    • Note: You can cancel MNP request only within 24 hours from submitting the CAF & Porting Form. Read Vodafone MNP FAQ’s.
  4. Activation of your ported Mobile number

    • If your porting request from Vodafone is accepted, your new Mobile operator will confirm the same in 3-4 working days.
    • Your new Mobile operator will inform you the date & time of when the porting will happen, by SMS.
    • On 7th Working day, you will be ported to your new Mobile operator. If you are from Jammu & Kashmir, Assam & North East, it will be on 15th working day.
    • There will be about 2-4 hours service disruption during the porting process, mostly during night only.
    • Replace your current Vodafone SIM card with new SIM card provided  by your new Mobile operator.

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  1. SUNPREET on 11th Apr' 15Reply

    I am using Vodafone network….& I was told by someone that when we send port message, we get a call from Vodafone(or current network) for offering better plans…is it TRUE that they offer discounted plans to whosoever is porting from their network..

    • TelecomDiary on 11th Apr' 15Reply

      Hello Sunpreet,

      It depends & differs from Operator to operator on customer retaining policy. It is not necessary and mandatory.
      However, good luck if you got better offers from your mobile operator.

  2. Amy on 1st Mar' 15Reply

    my no is airtel cug connection but iwant the same no in vodafone cug, is it possible???? if then what is the process… pls help me out from this problem…. airtel network is toooo badd.

    • TelecomDiary on 1st Mar' 15Reply

      Hello Amy,

      If ownership of the mobile number is individual and is on your name, you can go for the Mobile Number Portability.
      If the ownership is with your employer or ownership type is Corporate, your HR team can initiate the MNP Process.

  3. Arul on 1st Mar' 15Reply

    Hi I’m using Docomo postpaid, I want to port to Vodafone postpaid can I do that, I’m from Bangalore.


    • TelecomDiary on 1st Mar' 15Reply

      Hello Arul,

      You can port from DoCoMo postpaid to Vodafone postpaid.

  4. sridhar on 27th Feb' 15Reply

    Hi sir,
    I’m sridhar ,
    I ported my phone no from Vodafone to tata Docomo , but due to some problems I need to check my call details in my old network can I get the details of my call list ..

    • TelecomDiary on 28th Feb' 15Reply

      Hello Sridhar,

      Visit your nearest Vodafone office to get this information.

  5. Inderjeet on 6th Feb' 15Reply

    Sir Vodafone no. are not sending the Port message while message of other mobile send easily. I had talk with Vodafone customer care they said there is no problem in message. Please told us OTHER OPTION FOR PORTING MY NO. VODAFONE TO BSNL.

    • TelecomDiary on 12th Feb' 15Reply

      Hello Inderjeet,

      Call 1909 from your Vodafone mobile and request for UPC.

  6. Manas on 10th Jan' 15Reply

    I am kolkata Vodafone customer ,I go to bengal Relience/ Airtel network except go to kolkata.What is the process.Ghatal , Paschim medinipur

  7. Arun K on 7th Jan' 15Reply

    This is Arun..

    I have request for porting from Airtel to vodafone and MNP status saying –
    “Porting request has been accepted and forwarded to donor operator.”

    But its almost 15 days going to over, Vodafone people not processed my request.
    this is my 4th time attempt for porting,

    Please suggest me what to do
    UPC Code: AX121243

    • TelecomDiary on 14th Jan' 15Reply

      Hello Arun,

      Check with Vodafone for the current porting status.
      Meanwhile, refer to MNP Checklist and MNP FAQ’s.

  8. Arun K on 7th Jan' 15Reply

    Myself Arun, as i raised the Porting request for Vodafone from Airtel
    This is my 4th time for porting request for the same, I checked the status in MNP-Interconnection Telecom Solutions, it is showing as: Porting request has been accepted and forwarded to donor operator. (donor operator means:VODAOFNE)
    today its 12 days over after i submitted the request, why Vodafone people not processing this request..?

    Can anyone suggest me what should i do please..?

    Contact: 9986698987
    Porting Code: AX121243

    • TelecomDiary on 14th Jan' 15Reply

      Hello Arun,

      Have you called the Vodafone Customer care and got the current status of your MNP request?
      Meanwhile, refer to MNP Checklist and MNP FAQ’s.

  9. VINEET on 29th Dec' 14Reply


    • TelecomDiary on 30th Dec' 14Reply

      Hello Vineet,

      As of now, inter-state / inter-telecom circle Mobile porting is not possible.
      But this is expected by 2015 as per recent news.

  10. Pranita Mundada on 18th Dec' 14Reply

    I have given my documents to the vodafone operator and also send the message regarding porting, its been 7 days i didnt recive any call or message reagrding porting confirmation

    • TelecomDiary on 19th Dec' 14Reply

      Hello Pranita,

      Have you called the Vodafone customer to check the status of your porting request?
      Refer to MNP Checklist & MNP FAQ’s.

  11. hmimanshu on 13th Dec' 14Reply



    • TelecomDiary on 14th Dec' 14Reply

      Hello Himanshu,

      Hope you are porting to Vodafone from other operator.
      In that case, contact the Vodafone customer care to updated status.

  12. varun on 7th Dec' 14Reply

    hey I got my number potability from idea to vodafone but as i started using after getting all confirmation it was not working it says the facility is not available to you same is the answer when I called 111… what I should do next

    • TelecomDiary on 9th Dec' 14Reply

      Hello Varun,

      From which state you are?

  13. Angela DCosta on 28th Nov' 14Reply

    hi, my no is 9821280316. i gave a request for porting to Vodafone on thursday 20th November 2014, received a sms on 24th November 2014 stating that my documents were processed and forwarded to the old operator ie. Loop mobile. but my no has not yet been activated. please reply.

    • TelecomDiary on 28th Nov' 14Reply

      Hello Angela,

      Get the updated status from Vodafone.

      • varun on 7th Dec' 14Reply

        hello editorial can I get to know how to activate the sim as all the verification & confirmation done on the seventh day I am not able to use the sim as it says this facility is not available for you.. Should I call any particular number as I tried 111 but same answer

        • TelecomDiary on 9th Dec' 14Reply

          Hello Varun,

          From which state you are?

  14. Sudhir Kumar on 22nd Nov' 14Reply

    I want to know that my aircel number is ported in vodafone but i don’t know which number i should dial to start my vodafone number, my number is – 8285998126, pls. help me to start my number……

    • TelecomDiary on 22nd Nov' 14Reply

      Hello Sudhir,

      Call 111 from your Vodafone.

  15. Pradhish on 23rd Oct' 14Reply

    RADHISHOctober 23, 2014 at 7:23 pm#
    Hello sir. My number is 9940150530 currently in Vodafone. I had requested mnp to airtel.receiced following
    Hello! We have received your Porting Request VT368498 dated 21Oct14. We will validate your request and will revert on confirmation by 96hrs TAT from the time we received the request from MCH.
    Today checked online. Says rejected. What can i do. Anyone to contact. I m in Chennai circle . how to find what reason.
    This is prepaid.

    • TelecomDiary on 24th Oct' 14Reply

      Hello Pradhish,

      Read MNP Checklist & MNP FAQ’s.
      Contact Vodafone customer care team to get more details on why your MNP request is rejected.

  16. vishal More on 18th Oct' 14Reply

    i want to change my vodafone mobile number portability vodafone to vodafone mumbai circle to maharashtra how can i?

    • TelecomDiary on 19th Oct' 14Reply

      Hello Vishal,

      Inter-circle mobile number porting is not possible as of now.

  17. arun on 9th Oct' 14Reply

    I wish to change my network to Vodafone from Docomo, but my current sim is registered under a different name. Can I submit my identity documents for this number and avail MNP facility?
    Please guide me what i should do?

    • TelecomDiary on 10th Oct' 14Reply

      Hello Arun,

      You have only two options:

      1) Change the ownership from current owner to your name and follow the MNP Process.
      2) Ask the current owner to follow the MNP process to port out to DoCoMo from Vodafone.

  18. Ltd on 24th Sep' 14Reply

    I gave all the documents and Rs 300 for porting my number from Airtel to Vodafone on the Dated 17th Sep.My UPC is AZ294233.but more than 7days over my number has not been ported.can you tell me why???

    • TelecomDiary on 27th Sep' 14Reply

      Hello Ltd,

      Contact Vodafone customer care for current status.
      Check the MNP Checklist for more information or MNP FAQ’s as well.

  19. sushmita on 20th Sep' 14Reply

    If we dont have those old documents..is it possible to port the number submitting new documents based on the identity of another person ??

    • TelecomDiary on 20th Sep' 14Reply

      Hello Sushmita,

      Only if you are the registered customer with current operator, then only you will be able to give port request.

  20. Yogesh on 15th Sep' 14Reply

    hi I have prepaid Rs 250/- balance with Vodafone prepaid and active 3G plan. I want to switch to Idea.. will that transfer the balance.. or I will loose it??

    • TelecomDiary on 19th Sep' 14Reply

      Hello Yogesh,

      All your Vodafone balance/s will be limited to Vodafone only and you will lose then once ported to Idea.
      So, you your balances while with Vodafone. Read more MNP FAQ’s.

  21. atul on 2nd Sep' 14Reply

    Hi, can i mnp to my prepaid vodafone to postpaid tata indicom sim….

    • TelecomDiary on 19th Sep' 14Reply

      Hello Atul,

      You can do that.
      Read further MNP FAQ’s.

  22. Sabiha Khan on 12th Aug' 14Reply

    Hi, This post was of great help plus it was well put. Thanx!

  23. chandrashekar on 12th Aug' 14Reply

    Hi,I have converted my Vodafone postpaid to Idea post postpaid, but I have got the Vodafone outstanding bill amount to my email,how can I pay this bill as they have blocked my userId and for quick bill pay option also it is showing as the entered mobile number is not vodafone one.

    • TelecomDiary on 14th Aug' 14Reply

      Hello Chandra Shekar,

      Visit any nearest Vodafone office and pay the final bill.

  24. rajat on 28th Jan' 14Reply

    apply for portin to vodafone postpaid from aircel prepaid but aircel guy’s say they clear the portout process and vodafone guy’s confuse me about my status some cc say’s that they can see my number at their postpaid and some say’s no am still my old operator don’t know what to do i have only 2 days left and this is my 2nd time portin reqest 1st reject at 10 jan

    • TelecomDiary on 29th Jan' 14Reply

      Hello Rajat,

      Which operator SIM card you are using now?

  25. Chandra Kant on 25th Jan' 14Reply

    can i port vodafone delhi to vodafone pune

    • TelecomDiary on 26th Jan' 14Reply

      Hello Chandra Kant,

      As of now inter-state porting is not possible.

  26. Chandra Kant on 25th Jan' 14Reply

    can i port vodafone delhi to vodafone pune????

    • TelecomDiary on 29th Jan' 14Reply

      Hello Chandra Kant,

      As of today, you cannot port to another state.

  27. pawan on 20th Jan' 14Reply

    i Want to port my connection into vodafone postpaid, so tell me suitable plan for me.

    • TelecomDiary on 24th Jan' 14Reply

      Hello Pawan,

      Talk to your desired mobile operators customer care or visit their website to select plans which suits your needs.

  28. Girijesh on 14th Jan' 14Reply

    i want to change aircel to vodafone. plz help

    My no is 9807977083

  29. Kapil Semwal on 8th Jan' 14Reply

    Hi there,
    I travel a lot as I’m a Nature Photographer. I’mwworking on Uttrakhand areas from last 6 years now. I’ve to visit Uttrakhand 2-3 times in a year so I bought Uttrakhand local number as Roaming Free in India is only a Topic from past few years.
    I’d Idea number then ported to Airtel Uttrakhand. Now I’m in Mumbai back home & everyday I get several calls from Airtel Uttrakhand for silly offers. I tried to sending DND – 1909 but message failed every time. Airtel Mumbai denies to help saying that you’re not our customer but Uttrakhand circle customer.
    Now, how do I get rid of these annoying daily calls? It gets into brains when I’m driving or in a meeting with clients or editing pictures etc…
    Please help..

    Kapil Semwal Photography®

    • TelecomDiary on 24th Jan' 14Reply

      Hello Kapil,

      Use the Airtel DND Online Form, to activate DND on your Airtel Uttarakhand mobile number.

      • Kapil Semwal on 24th Jan' 14Reply

        Thank you so much. I’m glad.

  30. guru on 14th Oct' 13Reply

    i want to port my idea prepaid Delhi no. to Vodafone postpaid Delhi
    can anybody say that which benefits will i get in this procedure????????

  31. Shrikar on 13th Oct' 13Reply

    Hi, I am a vodafone postpaid customer i want to switch to reliance i am aware of the process i just want to know how will i know my bill will be and if i am in credit in vodafone postpaid whether they will return it back or not

    • TelecomDiary on 22nd Oct' 13Reply

      Hello Shrikar,

      After succesful porting to other operator, Vodafone consider you as closed customer.
      If you have paid any bill in excess, they will send you the check for that amount after the porting.

  32. nasir hussain on 4th Oct' 13Reply

    i want to change my connection to vodafone my no is 7795778018

  33. anand on 23rd Aug' 13Reply

    I want change my number vodafone to airtel my number is 9047507564

  34. varun on 3rd Jul' 13Reply

    can i send the sms from a different number than which is being ported?

    • TelecomDiary on 3rd Jul' 13Reply

      Hello Varun,

      You have to send from the SAME number.

  35. vikas on 3rd Jul' 13Reply

    I want to change my no. vodafone to idea please get in touch

  36. saifuddin lokhandwala on 2nd Jul' 13Reply

    i want to change my service to docomo my no is 9820522752

  37. susanta on 30th Jun' 13Reply

    I have a connection of postpaid vodafone no. 9859928916 and last bill amount was Rs.1482.00 but saturday evening your company blocked the simcard due to non payment. Next day was sunday I faced very much trouble…coz all stores was closed…

  38. Sharon on 30th Jun' 13Reply

    Since there is no 3G service for new vodafone connection in kerala, I want to change to idea.

  39. Dr.M.G.Venugopalan on 30th Jun' 13Reply

    I am a Vodafone customer for the last 8 years. My post paid GSM number from Mumbai Circle is 9820303390. The service of Vodafone has become horrible.they fleece customers. I now stay in Karjat which falls under Maharashtra and Goa circle. The signal strength of Vodafone is very weak. I want to Port my number to Docomo. I sent several SMS messages to 1900 Vodafone/Docomo.I get stock reply that my message is invalid. Please help me to port my number to Docomo,whose sigal strength is OK.Thanks

    • TelecomDiary on 3rd Jul' 13Reply

      Dear Dr. Venugopalan,

      Mumbai & Maharastra / Goa are different telecom circles and Inter-circle portability is not possible, as of now.

  40. k surendra on 17th May' 13Reply

    i applied migration postpaid to prepaid on 04/05/2013. till now not migrated to prepaid that is idea.. very poor service idea… i want go vodafone new connection. idea post paid to vodafone prepaid,, how to go reply me.

  41. DJ on 2nd May' 13Reply

    from Gujarat. I reapplied today with new code. Had to submit all documents again. Got retention call which I politely declined.

  42. DJ on 29th Apr' 13Reply

    Dear Telecomdiary,
    I recently applied for MNP from Reliance CDMA to Vodafone GSM (both prepaid). My first request was rejected on the very first day of applying. The message said I have entered a wrong UPC, which clearly wasn’t the case.

    The Vodafone executive suggested I resubmit the form after two days, which I did.

    It has been 10 days since. No SMS or any updates. Vodafone executives say reapply with new UPC.

    Now should I reapply with the new UPC? I don’t see any hope in the process. It is a great mental torture for customers.
    Thanks – DJ

    • TelecomDiary on 1st May' 13Reply

      Dear DJ,

      From which state you are?

  43. Vikash Gupta on 24th Apr' 13Reply

    last month I submitted documents to move to vodafone postpaid from idea postpaid. Billing date is 15th of every month. using monthly rentals 99/- plus 99/- for 2G GPRS services. (note : there are free 300 minutes calling to any number with my plan).
    I paid extra 200/- and applied to port out on 4rth April (account balance at -200/- (negative))
    Idea rejected it and said this was due to payment issue, my next bill generated on 15th April with amount of 23/- as every amount was paid in advance.
    Again I paid 300 before bill date, At this moment, my unbilled usage is just 12/-, expected rent till 14th May is 99+99+taxes, I am not considering my free 300 minutes and current account status is -270/- which covers all rentasl/taxes and unbilled usage till billing date.
    Please suggest if Idea will allow to port out this time or need to go for any legal step

    • TelecomDiary on 26th Apr' 13Reply

      Hello Vikas,

      If there are no dues, your port out request should not be rejected by Idea on this reason.

  44. public.., on 24th Apr' 13Reply

    i wanted to know weather i have to give all my details again for mobile number port?? plz reply….., thnkx…:)

    • TelecomDiary on 26th Apr' 13Reply

      Hello Public,

      Yes to have to provide all your documents again, during MNP.

  45. SAURAV on 15th Apr' 13Reply


  46. ANUJ SHARMA on 3rd Apr' 13Reply


    • Telecom Diary on 5th Apr' 13Reply

      Hello Anuj,

      You can stop this process by calling both operators (Airtel & Vodafone) immediately.

  47. Harsha Vardhan Reddy on 2nd Apr' 13Reply

    hi i am Harsha want to change my connection vodafone prepaid to idea prepaid. my number is 9966650705

  48. pramod on 21st Mar' 13Reply

    i have 15 number of vodafone in my family . i want to change the operator of all the no. from voda to airtel. i have unique port no. for all no.. how much time taking in changing operator my mob. no 8795401997

  49. nagaraj on 12th Mar' 13Reply

    dear sir i want change my network from docomo to vodafone please tell me the what plan shall i get

  50. Ishwar on 30th Jan' 13Reply

    i want porting code of my aircel number. 9802000800

  51. joseph on 22nd Jan' 13Reply

    hi i m from Goa. i want to shift from vodafone prepaid to bsnl because Vodafone network is horrible in my area. can you tell me if it is possible to shift from vodafone to bsnl?

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Joseph,

      You can port to BSNL from Vodafone. Refer to MNP Procedure.

  52. Bel Singh Mehar on 21st Jan' 13Reply

    I am vodafone postpaid consumer, due to some unusagable services charges count on my account without my comfirmation. Therefore i want to change my MNP to IDEA. I have massage for port but 1901 has replied to me “you have entered the wrong keyword. please entered the desired keyword and sms to 1900″ please directed to me what is the right keyword. I tryed to nearabout 05 to 10 time and vodafone has deducted 10 rupees on messaging my account. kindly give me the right direction thanking you.

    • Telecom Diary on 21st Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Bel Singh,

      Send SMS PORT XXXXXXXXXX to 1900 to get UPC from Vodafone, replace XXX’s with your Vodafone Mobile number.
      Or fill your details at Idea MNP portal to get help from Idea (http://goo.gl/0be4a).

      If you are from Jammu & kashmir, call 1900 from your mobile number to get UPC.

  53. Uttam on 17th Jan' 13Reply

    Hi . . . on Jan 11th 2013 switch to airtel to Vodafone till i dnt get any response . … . once again i submit the Address and ID prof

  54. AJAY on 11th Jan' 13Reply

    hello if i port from vodofone to aircel will i get my remaining balance transfered please let me know
    thanks &regards

    • Telecom Diary on 11th Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Ajay,

      Your balance will remain with Vodafone only, use it before you port to other operator.

  55. NITIN ASUJA on 4th Jan' 13Reply

    i have tata docomo up east postpaid connection and recently moved to up west circle and i have to face roaming but due to lack of inter state mnp,i am suffering of high bill. i have asked both tata docomo officers and vodafones officers but they are unable to help me. is there any way to port my number to up west without changing it ???

    • Telecom Diary on 4th Jan' 13Reply

      Hello Nitin,

      Reliance offer mobile services in UP as one Telecom Circle. It may be possible with them.

      • Nitin asuja on 5th Jan' 13Reply

        Today i went to reliance office and they straightly denied of porting up east number to up west. Is there any way of doing that ???

        • Telecom Diary on 5th Jan' 13Reply

          Hello Nitin,

          As of today, no other options left.
          You should wait for some days, as there are talks going on national wide MNP possibilities, but with no timelines decided.

  56. Salman khan on 2nd Jan' 13Reply

    Hii vodafone i am poirting my no. vodafone to airtel just because that in your net card the android market was not open and very slow to procceed anyway.so just that and yours attenders were not talk to suggest any plans who were best for me .so i could port my n. if have any palns and suggestion than talk to me .

  57. yashowardhan on 30th Dec' 12Reply

    i want to port my idea no. 9694963397 to vodafone

  58. RAMAN on 6th Dec' 12Reply

    Hi vodafone, i want port frm docomo to vodaphone, could u tell me the procedure plz!!

  59. balram sahu on 2nd Dec' 12Reply


  60. sonu on 2nd Dec' 12Reply


  61. Kapil Semwal on 23rd Nov' 12Reply

    I am changing my 5 years old Vodafone number due to the worst network & service & false commitments from the Vodafone Executives.
    I am using Vodafone Mumbai, I traveled to Haridwar, Uttarakhand for my photography tour. I found my 3G working fine but the GSM at it’s worst. I was totally unable to receive or make any calls from Vodafone. I called up 198, I spoke to a female executive who assistance was unsatisfying so I requested her to transfer my call to the floor supervisor but she kept on giving clarifications later I had to insist & my call got transferred to the floor supervisor & something that unexpected from the supervisor,”Sorry Sir, I cannot help you because you are not my customer, you are Mumbai customer so please call Mumbai Vodafone for assistance”.
    OMG!!!Vodafone trains their Supervisors like this?
    I am complaining for network from past 4 years as I get only 1 or 2 bar on my phone network tower & they commit that the engineer will visit your house soon but till date nothing happens & then you often get the SMS, Dear Sir/Madame, your complain blah blah blah has been resolved. But, how the hell do they know that my problem is resolved (what if not?)

    So, I have decided to do PORTING from Vodafone to Idea (maybe) yet not sure.

    Kapil Semwal Photography™
    +91-983 388 44 79

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Nov' 12Reply

      Hello Kapil,

      Ms. Z Vaz from Vodafone, Mumbai can be your help. Reach her at 9820015032.

      • Kapil Semwal on 8th Jan' 14Reply

        Thank you. I portred my number somehow after lot of callings. Missed to call Ms. Z Vaz.

  62. kuldeep verma on 20th Nov' 12Reply

    i want to change aircel from vodafone

  63. vijay waghmare on 10th Nov' 12Reply

    My tata indicom number 927998036 porting to vodafone

  64. anna mathew on 1st Nov' 12Reply

    Thank you ……………

  65. dr sagar on 18th Oct' 12Reply

    i am having post paid vodafone, i wanted to switch over to tata docomo (gsm/prepaid) wts the procedure. plz guide, my number is 08552894999.

  66. Shivanand Hiremath on 10th Oct' 12Reply

    shivanand hiremath
    in karnataka vadafore offers are huge and in maharashtra no s.m.s call rate also not good.and in mumbai roaming i think mumbai not in maharashtra

  67. Sandeep Gnaneshwer on 9th Oct' 12Reply


    Previously I ported my number from Vodafone to Idea. As i found Network problem in idea i lodged a request to port my number from Idea to Airtel and today i got a Airtel sim but now i just want to get back to Vodafone.
    Please let me know what shall I do.

  68. Naresh on 11th Sep' 12Reply

    Hello there, I am Naresh. I am currently on Vodafone and want to migrate to Idea due to some signal problems in my area where I live. I am a postpaid customer and I paid a refundable deposit of INR 500. If I port my number to Idea will I get my deposit transferred as-well?? Please reply as I am pissed off with Vodafone signal.

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Sep' 12Reply

      Hello Naresh,

      Once you are port to other telecom operator, your current operator will settle all dues and they will send you a check, if any positive balance in your postpaid account.

  69. Utkarsh Psndey on 11th Sep' 12Reply

    hi.. i have submitted all the documents required for portability for vodafone to idea but i do not proceed with the protability.. how can i cancel my request of portability.

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Sep' 12Reply

      Hello Utkarsh,

      Talk to Idea customer care and get your porting request cancelled.

  70. swathi.g on 28th Aug' 12Reply

    i wanted to change from vodafone to docomo but if i send tat msg to 1900 its comes likes sending failed kindly tell wer is the problem i wantd to change as soon as possible plz do help me out

  71. Natarajan on 10th Aug' 12Reply

    I am Natarajan in Chennai. My Vodafone prepaid no.9962982644. i want change vodafone to tata docoma cdma plan. pl send details

  72. Abhijit Biswas on 8th Aug' 12Reply

    I have submitted application for porting,but now I don’t want to port in any way

  73. Abhijit Biswas on 8th Aug' 12Reply

    I have submitted my application for porting from DOCOMO prepaid to VODA FONE post paid on 05/08/12but now a days I would like to port from DOCOMO to VODA FONE prepaid,so how to solve this problem?Vodafone store doesn’t help me.

    • Telecom Diary on 9th Aug' 12Reply

      Hello Abhijit,

      Was your porting successful?
      Which State you are from?

  74. soumen on 4th Aug' 12Reply

    don’t change ur vodafone 2 other companie…..vodafone is best….i’ve a all company’s bt no1 npthing like voda

  75. Arunabh on 30th Jul' 12Reply

    I have recently ported from Vodafone (postpaid) to Airtel..But some amount was outstanding in my last bill due to which I keep getting SMSs from Vodafone. I want to pay but I’m not able to pay online as I can’t login to the Vodafone site now(after portability). Any other way through which I can easily clear off my dues?

    • Telecom Diary on 30th Jul' 12Reply

      Hello Arunabh,

      Only way is visit any Vodafone office / store in India, and pay your due bill.

  76. anand on 20th Jul' 12Reply

    i have uninor number and i wnt to change it to vodafone i brought that sim two days back can i make it mnp pls inform me

  77. Om Prakash on 5th Jul' 12Reply

    I would like to switch my Airtel service to Idea, my air tel no. 9958768779
    kindly help.

  78. KRISHNAKUMAR.L on 23rd Jun' 12Reply

    i want to change Vodafone network to air tel post paid, already i sent port to 1900 and i received port code (vt285242) Then i apply air tel post paid network. they are sent your request processing and now i receive one message form Vodafone network your mnp request rejected by Vodafone pls contact Vodafone,i was very suffering from Vodafone network they are sent without proper information pls give any solution

  79. ali on 13th Jun' 12Reply

    my name is ali and i am from pune . i went to vodafone store filled the form for mnp they told me that my no will switch to vodafone from tata docomo within 7 days but more than 14days have passed still my number is not ported

  80. Robinson on 13th Jun' 12Reply

    i need to know the procedure for changing my vodafone postpaid to tata docomo postpaid…….. Iam from chennai

  81. Nitin on 12th Jun' 12Reply

    I want to switch from Vodafone to Idea I am currently in Pune but my number belongs to Mumbai circle. Is portability possible? I am tired with vodafone’s inflated bills and roaming needless charges.

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Nitin,

      Currently Inter-circle portability is not possible, but wait for few days as there is a TRAI initiative to allow that.

  82. rattandeep singh on 7th Jun' 12Reply

    I am from punjab. I hv bsnl no. But i had missplaced my sim. I get f.i.r. of this no. Now I want restart my no. By vodafone. How could i do this. Plz tell me.

    • Telecom Diary on 9th Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Rattandeep Singh,

      First get the BSNL new SIM from BSNL and follow the MNP Procedure to port to Vodafone.

  83. Devi on 29th May' 12Reply

    I am a vodafone user. I send a port request from vodafone but now i dont want to port from vodafone. Pls tell me how to cancel that portability from vodafone?

    • Telecom Diary on 23rd Jun' 12Reply

      Hello Devi,

      If you have not submitted the UPC code along with MNP request form to other service provider, don’t worry.
      For more information, MNP Checklist.

  84. Pradeep.M on 13th May' 12Reply

    first i am convert to aircel to vodafone by mnp n etwork changed to vodafone.After 4 months again i am convert to vodafone to docomo network ,porting the message receive message from docomo but my mobile displys the vodafone netwok not docomo what i can do pls tell me

    thanks &regards

    • Telecom Diary on 13th May' 12Reply

      Hello Pradeep,

      This is something only your customer care services can solve.
      Talk to them.

  85. Jatinder Singh on 6th May' 12Reply

    I am using TATA Indicom CDMA number in Punjab now i want to switch in Aircel Gsm. But problem is that when i m sending message to 1900 my handset (Classic) showing this message: (Service not available for this number). All of my services like Outgoing/Incoming, SMS are active. Please guide.

    Jatinder Singh

    • Telecom Diary on 7th May' 12Reply

      Hello Jatinder Singh,

      Suggest you to read about the MNP Procedure.
      If you need further assistance, write to us.

  86. Vikram on 3rd May' 12Reply


    Here’s my question. I am currently using a vodafone postpaid connection and want to change the connection using MNP but here’s the catch. I want to switch to a pre-paid connection. Does the procedure remain the same? or are there any changes?

    Also, my bill would be due by the 19th of this month. Now if i switch, can i pay the new provider directly instead of clearing the bills off with vodafone first?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Telecom Diary on 4th May' 12Reply

      Hello Vikram,

      You can switch to pre-paid connection to a new operator by MNP from your existing operator’s post-paid connection.

      MNP will be accepted only if all the dues are paid to current operator only.

  87. Ravikanth on 16th Apr' 12Reply


    I am recently moved from chennai to hyderabad. I am using chennai – vodafone number . I want to change this number to AP vodafone. this is posible ? . if yes what is procedure for this ?


    • Telecom Diary on 4th May' 12Reply

      Hello Ravikanth,

      Interstate MNP is not possible as of now. For further info, read MNP Procedure.

  88. Chinmay Sawant on 11th Apr' 12Reply

    Recently i ported from vodafone to docomo ,but it failed ,vodafone rejected due to some reasons it is of not same city …
    Plz help….

  89. Srikanth on 3rd Apr' 12Reply

    i have to change from airtel to vodafone apply the portability last week.but i am did not convert till now.what will do?please help me

    • Telecom Diary on 6th Apr' 12Reply

      Hello Srikanth,

      What is the status update you got from Vodafone?

  90. Asif K on 2nd Apr' 12Reply

    I have switched my number from MTS to Vodafone recently, being a pre paid customer i had for some reasons recharged my MTS account in excess of Rs. 6000 now that i have switched to Vodafone i am being denied of the credit amount from MTS, they haven’t transferred the credit to my vodafone account. Can you please help.


    • Telecom Diary on 2nd Apr' 12Reply

      Hello Asif,

      Pre-paid balance will not be transferred to other operator.

  91. spk on 20th Mar' 12Reply

    i want to port out from Vodafone to mtnl dolphin no.
    all papers work done, vm733324

  92. Himanshu on 19th Mar' 12Reply

    i am basically idea user…
    From that i have converted to airtel and now i am in vodafone…
    But now i want to go back to idea through mnp…

    But the shopkeeper said that normal mnp card doesn’t work to come back to idea…
    He also told me that you have to purchase some “win-back” card or something like that…
    And for that i have to visit the idea office…

    And i called the idea costomer care there they told me that there is nothing like that card…

    What to do…???
    Please help…

    • Telecom Diary on 20th Mar' 12Reply

      Hello Himanshu,

      Send SMS PORT XXXXXXXXXX to 1900 (replace xx’s with your mobile number), you will receive Unique Porting Code, keep that with you.
      Call idea customer care to arrange a executive visit to your place or visit any Idea showroom, submit the MNP application with code.
      That’s it.

  93. sachin kumar gupta on 23rd Feb' 12Reply

    i want to change my vodafone no. to tata docomo no. threw to portbality system due
    to some problumes.my vodafone no. is…9984704801

    thanking you
    sachin kumar gupta

  94. Ravi Shelar on 10th Feb' 12Reply

    I would like to switch my vodafone service to tata docomo, my vodafone no. 9819428686.
    kindly help.

    • Telecom Diary on 10th Feb' 12Reply

      Hello Ravi Shelar,

      Hope the above given information is enough for number porting.

  95. rishab on 15th Jan' 12Reply

    i want to change my vodafone connection and switch to tata docomo please help

    • Telecom Diary on 15th Jan' 12Reply

      Hello Rishab,

      Hope the details are enough to port your mobile number.
      Let us know if you know further help.

  96. denil on 27th Dec' 11Reply

    dont switch to idea dis is a bloody f*** company i had activated for gprs plan nd started usin net but plan was not activated dey said dat plan only activates after 1-2 hr nd i lost my balance of 100 rs in d bloddy f*** process .. ideA is hell f*** *****…

  97. uma m ahesh on 18th Nov' 11Reply

    present am in idea . i want change my network by using MNP to Vodafone . can i know the benefits from Vodafone?

    • TelecomDiary Network on 18th Nov' 11Reply

      Hello Uma Mahesh,

      Please be in touch with Vodafone customer care or visit Vodafone website.
      To discuss further about Vodafone, visit Vodafone Forum.

    • Muhammed Kutty on 28th Mar' 13Reply

      Dont come to vodafone. they are a good for nothing service providers. I m planning to shift to some other service providers

    • ALPESH PARMAR on 8th Jan' 14Reply

      no because vodafone charge is so high to idea and full talk time is start 250 rs

  98. Firoz khan on 25th Oct' 11Reply

    Can we change the number to vodafone operator (GSM) to TATA Indicom (CDMA)
    if this possible please tell me on mail id

    • TelecomDiary Network on 30th Oct' 11Reply

      Hello Firoz Khan,

      Irrespective of whether it is a CDMA or GSM, you can change your mobile operator still retaining your mobile number with MNP.
      The above provided details for Mobile Portability is very well applicable for CDMA to GSM / GSM to CDMA / GSM to GSM / CDMA to CDMA.
      For any further help, visit Mobile Number Portability forum.

  99. sibaprasad panda on 25th Oct' 11Reply

    I want to change my connection vodafone prepaid to idea prepaid.

    • sibaprasad panda on 25th Oct' 11Reply

      I want to change my connection vodafone prepaid to idea prepaid. my number is 9742065226

      • TelecomDiary Network on 30th Oct' 11Reply

        Hello Sibaprasad,

        The above provided details for Mobile Portability is applicable for prepaid mobile numbers also.
        For any further help, visit Mobile Number Portability forum.

      • raja on 10th Jan' 13Reply

        hai panda
        idea and airtel is worst chose another network, air tel company is cheating one.

  100. akhilesh pratap singh on 19th Oct' 11Reply

    vodafone is very costaly. so i wantto change my no. from vodafone to tata indicom (prepaid)

    • TelecomDiary Network on 19th Oct' 11Reply

      Use MNP.

      Read more about MNP.
      For more help, visit http://telecomdiary.com/forum/forum/mnp-mobile-number-portability.

      • kunal on 3rd Apr' 12Reply

        Hi I hav got a vodafone postpaid card n my 1600 rupess is balanced in my account and I have to do a portability from vodafone to airtel (prepaid).so I jst want to knw dat wil I get my 1600 rupess refund or not.

        • Telecom Diary on 6th Apr' 12Reply

          Hello Kunal,

          If you change your network with MNP, you will loose all your balance, whatever network it may be.

        • gullu on 5th Sep' 12Reply

          no first use your voda balance

        • upkar on 1st May' 13Reply


        • venky on 3rd Jun' 14Reply

          no, u wont get…


        i am a voda custmor i apply to port they give me porting code(va 111731) and iam take idea sim but voda phone d”t give port out


    • akhilesh on 3rd Apr' 14Reply

      sir mane vodafone ka number port karaya aha bo abhi chalu nahi huya 15 ma din h

      • TelecomDiary on 14th Apr' 14Reply

        Hello Akhilesh,

        Have you inquired about the status with Vodafone?

    • Shuvrangshu Biswas on 13th Jun' 14Reply

      On 29/05/2014 I filled CAF and posted to Vodafone on 30/05/2014 still I am waiting for reply. My Port number is 9231565869. To day is the last day for UPC validity date.

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