Deactivate DND | Cancel DND at NCPR

You can deactivate DND services (now NCPR) on your mobile number by either voice call or SMS to 1909. Once you de-register yourself from the NCPR (old DND), you will start receiving commercial / promotional and telemarketing call on your mobile / land-line.

DND de-registration through SMS to 1909.

De-registration of DND services is easy and convenient through SMS. Send SMS STOP to 1909 from your mobile number.

You will get an SMS from your mobile operator confirming the DND (now NCPR) de-registration request.

Deactivate DND through voice call to 1909.

Dial 1909 from your mobile number and choose from either to speak with customer care executive or IVR (Interactive Voice Response system).

If you choose to speak with Customer care executive, ask the executive to de-register DND services (now NCPR). The executive will confirm you the cancel request and you will get an SMS confirming your request.

If you choose IVR, follow the instructions to de-register your mobile number from NCPR (old DND) and you will get an SMS confirmation confirming the request