MNP FAQ’s – Mobile Number Portability in India

  1. What is MNP?

    Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a facility for subscribers to switch networks / Service Providers, still retaining the current Mobile number.

  2. Can I switch between CDMA & GSM or vice-versa?

    Yes, you can switch from current CDMA network to GSM or from current GSM network to CDMA.

  3. Can I port from one state / telecom-circle to other state / telecom-circle?

    With Nationwide MNP, now you can port your mobile number to any Mobile network in any state / telecom circle. Even you can port to current same operator in another state / telecom circle.

  4. Can I switch from current pre-paid subscription to post-paid with new Mobile operator?

    Yes, irrespective of whether you are pre-paid or post-paid subscriber at current service provider / Mobile operator, you can port to new service provider / Mobile operator either as a pre-paid or post-paid subscriber.

  5. Will I get new SIM card from new Service provider / Mobile operator or I can use the old SIM itself?

    You will get a new SIM card from the new Mobile operator / Service provider during submitting the porting request.

  6. What are the charges for Mobile Number Porting?

    “Per Port Transaction Charge” defined by TRAI is up to Rs. 19/- (Nineteen) per Mobile Number porting request. However, it is a general practice that new Mobile Operator / Service provider may absorbs this charge and hence free for you.

  7. Who are involved in Porting process?

    There are 3 parties involved in the Porting Process as below:

    1. Subscriber : You (Customer who gives porting request)
    2. Donor Operator : Your current service provider / Mobile operator
    3. Recipient Operator : The new service provider / Mobile operator where you wanted to switch to
  8. In how much time, MNP request will be processed? / What is the porting time once request is submitted?

    Within 7 days you will be able to join the new Service provider / Mobile operator.
    Read the MNP Checklist for successful porting.

  9. Will my mobile number stop working during Porting process? Is there any service disruption during porting the mobile number?

    Yes, there will be about 4 hours of service disruption during porting process. Exact duration & time will be informed to you in advance by your new Mobile operator / Service provider. Generally, this will be during the night only.

  10. Is there any pre-requisites / eligibilities to apply for Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

    Yes, there are few important conditions to be noted before giving porting request as below:

    1. Your mobile number should be active & minimum 90-days old with your current mobile operator.
    2. There should be no dues on bills, if you are post-paid customer. Ensure that, you have paid all pending bills.
    3. If you are a pre-paid customers, all your balances (Voice calls, SMS & Data) will be lapsed and cannot be forwarded to new mobile operator.
    4. You can not cancel MNP request after 24 hours of submitting porting request.
  11. How can I give porting request?

    Refer to Mobile Number Porting (MNP) page and choose your current Mobile operator for further details.

  12. Can my current Mobile Operator authorized to stop my Porting request?

    Your current Mobile Operator can hold you from joining other Mobile Operators, if below are valid:

    • If any bills are pending.
    • Your mobile number is not active, during the porting process.
    • You are customer with them from less than 90-days.
    • If you have any Contract, Special bundle offer or under Special offer for Business partners.
    • You are not the owner of the Mobile number. Mobile number is in Company name, other family members name or friends name.
    • If you have given a ownership change request and the same is in process.
    • If porting for your Mobile number is prohibited by the court of law.
  13. How do I know, whether my porting request is accepted or not?

    The Recipient Operator (Mobile Operator you wish to join) will confirm by SMS, whether your Porting request is accepted by them or not, within 3-4 working days.

  14. How do I know the current status of Porting request?

    Your new Mobile operators Customer Care / Help-line will provide required information.

  15. I am post-paid customer. Will I get the same credit-limit with new Mobile Operator as with my current Mobile operator?

    No. Your new Mobile operator will approve Credit limit based on their policies & standards, can be higher or lower than your current credit-limit.

  16. I am post-paid customer. Will I get the same plan with new Mobile Operator as with my current Mobile operator?

    No. You have to choose a new plan available with your new Mobile operator.

  17. My current mobile number is a Premium mobile number. Do I have to pay any premium charges to new mobile operator?


  18. Can I cancel my Porting request?

    Yes, you can cancel the porting request within 24 hours of submitting the porting request to Recipient Operator / new Mobile operator.

  19. What if I don′t like the new Mobile operators services and wanted to go back to my old Mobile Operator?

    You can port back to your old Mobile operator after completing 90-days with your new Mobile operator.

  20. What is KYC & KYC documents?

    KYC stands for Know Your Customer, is a process for Telecom operators to know their customers have have a legal identity in their records. This is mandatory as per Government law.
    Below are major accepted KYC documents:

    1. Proof of Identity:
      1. Aadhar Card
      2. Pan Card
      3. Passport
      4. Ration Card
      5. Driving License
    2. Proof of Address:
      1. Aadhar Card
      2. Bank Account Statement
      3. Utility Bill (Mobile, Land-line, Electricity, etc.,)
      4. Passport
      5. Ration Card

  21. How do I activate outgoing / incoming after number ported to new operator?

    Upon successful porting to new operator, your new SIM will be activate and connected to network.
    However, outgoing & incoming will not be enabled unless you call 59059 from your new SIM and confirm the KYC. KYC verification will be based on the documents you have submitted while applying for the porting