Nationwide MNP approved by TRAI. Means, you can change mobile operator & state as well.

What is happening, when you move from one state to another:

  • You lose your old mobile number and get a new mobile number in new state / telecom circle.
  • You still continue the old number, because you cant loose business or social connections and pay roaming fee.

Because as of today, you cannot change / port your mobile number from one State to another through MNP. All that, you could do is port your mobile number intra-circle or within same state only.

But, with nationwide MNP (Mobile Number Portability) you are allowed to port mobile number inter-circle / to other states as well. See what are the possibilities (as an example):

  • Port your Andhra Pradesh Reliance GSM mobile number to Karnataka Airtel
  • Port your Andhra Pradesh Reliance CDMA mobile number to Karnataka Reliance GSM or CDMA
  • Port your Karnataka Airtel mobile number to Andhra Pradesh Reliance GSM or CDMA

It is expected that Nationwide MNP will be in effect from 5th May’2015 as per TRAI MNP Regulation released on 25th Feb’15.

Refer to TelecomDiary MNP Information section for the MNP Guidelines & Procedure, when the nationwide MNP come to effect, this section will provide updated information.

Lets wait and see.