TelecomDiary launces eServices for Indian Mobile Subscribers

Its been more than 5 years, has been started. Al these years we have been providing static information like DND activation & deactivation process, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) process and other related information and responding to your comments / queries.

As per the growing demands from our subscribers & visitors, we have decided to launch eServices. These eServices are query based information providing services about Indian Mobile numbers & subscribers.

To start with, we are launching 3 eServices:

  1. Check DND Status
  2. Check BSNL pre-paid balance
  3. Mobile Number Tracker

Lets get down to the details of these eServices:

  • Check BSNL pre-paid balance
    • Get the current balance of any BSNL pre-paid mobile number
    • Also, get the validity of the pre-paid balance
  • Mobile Number Tracker
    • Get the location of any Indian Mobile Number on the maps. To ensure the subscriber privacy, only state information
    • You will also get the current operator details, as well of the mobile number

We are working on bringing more eServices to you and will update the same from time to time. Meanwhile, use the currently launched TelecomDiary eServices.

What are the other Indian Mobile Number related information, you are looking for online? Have you used any of the above eServices?

Let us know your feedback.